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Fake teeth and duct tape: ex-husband Pugacheva told how Soviet stars were rejuvenated in the frame



Currently, with the help of computer graphics, each actor can look perfect on the screen. But it turned out that they resorted to changing their appearance 50 years ago, and the methods were much more surprising, they write "".

Photo: video frame YouTube / Cinema Concern "Mosfilm"

Soviet director Alexander Stefanovich, who was the ex-husband of Alla Pugacheva, told how in the last century it was necessary to retouch and change the appearance of actresses during filming. As “Komsomolskaya Pravda” writes, then celebrities were real celestials, and therefore they were made ideal beauties and beauties.

Previously, there was a special profession - retoucher. To change the picture of an eminent personality, they used colored pencils and charcoal. So eyes, cheeks were tinted, wrinkles were removed. As a result, the face became more perfect.

But it wasn't just the photographs that were changed. When watching Soviet cinema, the viewer can also see the result of “rejuvenation”. For example, the actress Lyubov Orlova was filmed through a stocking pulled over the camera. With its help, the effect of smoothed skin was obtained. In the 1970s, filmmakers used special multi-colored glasses.

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Photo: video frame YouTube / TV Center

Among other things, they also enlarged the eyes, added blush, made the face thinner. This technology was used during the filming of the film "Soul", in which Sofia Rotaru took part.

But during the production of the film “The Woman Who Sings,” director Alexander Orlov asked Alla Pugacheva to put on a plastic mouthguard on her teeth to hide the artist's gap. Because of this, the Prima donna lisped a lot, but this was hidden at the post-production stage - during the dubbing of the tape.

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Photo: video frame YouTube / Cinema Concern "Mosfilm"

Stefanovich also told how he had to shoot a 70-year-old actress (the director did not give a name). She had to be rejuvenated for 20 years. As a result, the woman herself found a way out of the situation. She pulled the skin behind her ears and secured it with duct tape. The effect lasted only a few minutes, after the adhesive tape peeled off. But this was enough even for a double.

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