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Jennifer Lopez: From a dancer from a poor family to a Hollywood star


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On July 24, Jennifer Lopez celebrates her 48th birthday. Jennifer united a party on this occasion with her current lover Alex Rodriguez, who has a birthday in a few days - July 27.

The couple was photographed before the party and laid out the photo in Instagram. Alex has a bright blue suit and a white shirt, and Jennifer has a guipure mini dress with cutouts. Black sandals and a silver clutch complete the look. Loving couple in the photo looks absolutely happy.
There were a lot of guests at the party: relatives, children of birthday people and friends around 50. The guests danced and had a lot of fun. Lopez performed her last hit in Spanish for her lover and guests Ni Tu, Ni Yo.

And we decided to remember what started J. Lo's career and how it turned into a mega-star of the current generation.

Jennifer Lopez. 2015 year. Photo: depositphotos

The future star was born and raised in the Bronx, in the family of Puerto Ricans Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez. Her father was a programmer, and her mother was a housewife. In addition to Jennifer, the family had two daughters - Leslie and Linda.

Until a certain period Lopez’s parents could not even afford a private house, so they all huddled in a small apartment. But when Jennifer turned 5 years, the financial situation of the Lopez family improved, and the girl was able to give lessons in singing and dancing. She studied Lopez in Catholic schools for girls, having completed her studies at the Prestan school. During her school years, Jennifer did gymnastics, running, was a member of the school softball team, and took part in national running competitions.

Shortly before graduation, Jennifer found out about casting for teenage girls for a small role in the film “My Little Girl”. Lopez got the role of Myra. So Jennifer realized that she wanted to become a movie star. But parents did not support this idea, saying that it was "not in Latin American." After school, the girl at the insistence of parents enrolled in Baruch collegewho quit after the first semester.

Due to the fact that Lopez has already played in local productions of the musicals “Jesus Christ - Superstar” and “Oklahoma!” And was able to gain financial independence, she was able to leave the parental home and move to an apartment in Manhattan.

Soon, a rising star was noticed and invited to join the choir. Golden Musicals of Broadwaywho toured Europe for five months. But she was never given a solo part, so she left and became a dancer, singer and choreographer in a Japanese show. Synchronicity.

From 1991 to 1993, the year Jennifer was a troupe dancer Fly girl in the TV show In Living Color, after which she decided to fulfill her dream and become an actress.

Jennifer Lopez received the People's Choice Awards 2017. Photo: depositphotos

The next 5 years, Lopez starred in secondary roles and TV shows, and in 1997, she got her first lead role as a singer Selena in a biopic. This role brought her the first Golden Globe nomination.

The next film, Out of Sight, brought Jennifer the first earned million.
In parallel with the film career, Jennifer developed as a singer. Her first single If You Had My Love won first place in 6 countries, and in 1999, Lopez released her first album.

In 2001, the movie "Wedding Planner" and the second studio album were released almost simultaneously. And both projects at the same time took the first places.

Total Jennifer Lopez has released 8 albums and 3 compilation, starred in 30 films and TV shows. In honor of Jennifer even called one of the species of water mite.

Lopez has achieved success in a number of professional roles: she is one of the most successful singers, one of the highest paid Hollywood actresses and a talented businesswoman. In addition, she is one of the richest women in the world of show business and one of the most influential Hispanic people in the world. 20 June 2013, Jennifer Lopez was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Jennifer Lopez is also actively engaged in social activities: advocates for universal vaccination, supports the Los Angeles Children's Hospital and acts as a human rights activist.

Emmy and Max Anthony with mom Jennifer Lopez. Getting a star on the Walk of Fame. 2013 year. Photo: depositphotos

Throughout her career, Jennifer experimented with style and hairstyles. And she was able to prove to the world that beauty is not only the presence of a model figure that Lopez never possessed, but also an open smile of sensual nature, soul and eternal energy.

The star was married several times and gave birth to beautiful twins. Since 2017, he has met with American baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Jennifer beauty secrets are very simple. She does not smoke or drink alcohol.
Her bronze skin is the result of applying high-quality tanning products, as the make-up artist of the star Scott Barnes advised the star not to sunbathe.

Jennifer Lopez with dancer Casper Smart. Relationships lasted from 2011 to 2016. Photo: depositphotos

Cosmetics for the care of the body and face for J. Law make her personal dermatologists to order. Washes with ordinary soap, and on the advice of the same dermatologists.

She sleeps at least 8 hours a day. He does a lot of sports and thinks that the best drink is plain water, and ice water. Jennifer argues that drinking from 8 to 12 glasses of water a day is good for cells and for appetite suppression.

He is engaged in Latin American dances 3-4 once a week for 2 hours, stretching, runs every weekday for 5 km.

The star does not like diets, as it considers that they are not functional and only add stress to the body. 4 Lopez feeds once a day with equal portions of food. In the menu: fish, fresh meat, steamed or grilled, seasonal fruits and vegetables. No more 1400 calories per day. He likes cocktails from fresh vegetables.

And the most important secret of her beauty is love.

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