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This Christmas photo will tell you more about love than you ever knew.


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One Twitter user shared a wonderful photo that will probably touch you much more than traditional happy mi-mi photos.

Man under the nickname Taylor burkhalter published a photo of his father, who with an indescribable expression on his face looks at his mother, trying to portray a snow angel right in the middle of the living room in their house, and also shoots it on the phone.


“I learned more about love than in my entire life as I watched my dad reluctantly rearrange the living room furniture so mom could make a snow angel move for her 29 Instagram followers,” he wrote over the photos.


This post scored more than 260 thousands of retweets and a lot of smart comments:

"Only one face will make you subscribe to this Mrs!".

“His face says, 'This woman is crazy,' but his heart says, 'I love her.'

“Love is to endure each other's troubles and do something nice. Merry Christmas!".

More than 14 thousand people have already subscribed to the account of Libby, Taylor's mother, and her "snow angel" scored almost 228 thousand views.

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