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'If anyone is offended, it's us': Meghan Markle reproached the royal family with envy and pettiness


Source: Gossip

35-year-old Prince Harry returned from Canada to the UK without his 38-year-old wife Meghan Markle and nine-month-old son Archie, recalls "Gossip".

Earlier, a spokeswoman for the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who had abandoned the duties of senior members of the royal family, would not forget the way to London and take part in a number of upcoming events.

At the same time, Harry's wife is in no hurry to pack their bags. Insiders report that Megan feels offended by the queen's decision and the attitude of her entourage.

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The Daily Mail, citing its own sources, writes that the Duchess of Sussex complained to friends about the injustice. She is upset that the royal family forbade her and Harry to use the phrase Sussex Royal in the name of the charitable foundation and its own brand.

“She said that if anyone should feel offended, it would be her and Harry. They never intended to cash in on the royal family. It is absurd to hint at the abuse of privileges in this way, ”the publication quotes an insider.

A source from the environment of Markle claims that she will return to the UK without any remorse.

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“Megan said that she and Harry would be above envy and pettiness. They will continue to do good deeds and try to be good parents for Archie. Megan believes that the queen was pressured - they demanded that she impose a ban on the free use of titles. Harry is the Queen's favorite, and others around her simply cannot accept it, ”added the informant.

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