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Eat from red dishes: 10 tricks how to lose weight without diet


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Everyone will say: if you want to lose weight, just eat less! Alas, this does not always work. If overeating is purely psychological in nature, the body can be slightly deceived.

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American psychologist Richard Wiseman has developed ten easy tricks against overeating. At the same time, his methods were not taken from the ceiling, but received experimental confirmation.

1. Don't eat from large plates, but from small ones.

The same portion of food looks huge in a small plate and insufficient in large. In order not to reach for the additive and not to have too much, use small dishes.

2. Use your non-dominant hand to eat.

That is, the right-hander should use the left hand, and the left-hander - the right. This is especially true for light snacks served at parties. If you reach for them with a weaker hand, then you will be less likely to reach out for a new portion. It has been proven that this technique reduces the amount eaten by 20%.

3. Drink from tall and narrow glasses

Sometimes it seems that the amount of liquid in wide and low glasses is the same as in narrow and tall ones, but this is an optical illusion. In fact, they hold more drink. If you allow yourself high-calorie drinks, just change the glass.

4. Put a mirror in the kitchen

An experiment was conducted: people were offered to choose between a useful and harmful product. If at the same time there was a mirror opposite, then they began to see themselves from the outside and made the right choice. So it makes sense to put a mirror in the kitchen or stick it on the refrigerator.

5. Chewing Gum When You're Hungry

If you have recently eaten, then sucking in the stomach is a false urge. This is not a real hunger. Take a chewing gum and chew until the attack passes. Best helps to gum with fruit taste.

6. Eat slowly

With a hurried meal, people consume more food and calories.

Try to eat more slowly, from time to time put the fork or spoon to the side to stretch the process.

7. Use red utensils

Studies have shown that people eat less from red plates, because this color is associated with prohibitions and restrictions.

8. Turn off the TV while eating

Experiments show that people eat twice as much “for a movie”.

9. Take pictures of your lunch

Set the table, take your smartphone and take a picture of your food. This habit has been observed to make people more careful about what they eat and less likely to eat unhealthy foods.

10. Reduce Variety

When many different dishes are laid out on the table, people tend to try each of them and overeat as a result. If you put the same amount of food on the table, but with a smaller variety of dishes, then you will eat less.

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