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Another victim of the family curse: 28-year-old son of ex-husband Whitney Houston dies


Source: Izvestia IZ

The son of singer Bobby Brown, ex-husband of American singer Whitney Houston, was found dead in his Los Angeles home. They write about this on Thursday, November 19 Izvestia IZ.

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The cause of death of 28-year-old Bobby Brown Jr. has not yet been established. The police preliminarily believed that she was not violent. The exact reasons for his death will be established during the forensic examination.

American singer and actress Whitney Houston passed away in February 2012 in a room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. The singer choked while taking a bath.

On the subject: Family curse: ex-son-in-law of Whitney Houston died, surviving her daughter by only 4 years

Traces of marijuana and sedatives were found in her blood. At that time, Houston suffered from cocaine addiction, was undergoing treatment and rehabilitation. The police did not find any criminal reasons for her death.

Three years later, her only daughter, Christina Brown, died. In a bath filled with water, a 21-year-old girl was found unconscious by her young man. Christina was put into a state of artificial coma, and the girl died in July of the same year. The circumstances of her death are very similar to how her mother died.

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