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Eat Vatu, Worm Chew: How to lose weight in the XX century



XX century overcome hunger. At least in many parts of the world the real problem is not food extraction, but weight loss. If there is demand, there will be supply. Moreover, the consumer is looking for easy ways, wants to eat any kind of food, not to count calories and lose weight. And dietology meets him, helps with all his might. But, unfortunately, this help was not always safe for health.

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Cigarette instead of dessert

Refusal from sweet, of course, will help to lose weight. But to replace candy with cigarettes? At the beginning of the 20th century, unscrupulous doctors began to claim the benefits of cigarettes in losing weight: smoking dulls the feeling of hunger. However, it is well known to every smoker. And even better it should be known that a bad habit causes much greater damage to health if you smoke on an empty stomach. Recommendations about the benefits of cigarettes turned out to be nothing more than a paid advertising campaign of a brand known to date, writes


Vata can saturate the body with fiber and suppress appetite. That is how the fans of the cotton diet at the beginning of the 20th century thought. For weight loss it was proposed to chew cotton before eating, soaking it in gelatin beforehand. It was not possible to identify the researchers who lost weight in this way.

Liter of wine

Great diet: drink wine, eat pasta. One caveat: it must be done on different days. The diet, invented by the French doctor Schroth in the 1920-s, suggested a low-fat diet, and even a separate one. On wet days, you could drink everything, including wine, white or red. Up to a liter per day. On dry days, liquids were prohibited, vegetables, pasta, bread and rice were allowed.

I sleep and lose weight

Sleep instead of eating is one of the few safe know-hows of the 20th century. True, this was not done without excesses on the ground. Losing weight did not just refuse one meal per day in favor of sleep, but hibernated for several days. In order not to be distracted from the “diet”, they drank hypnotic drugs. The diet has not taken root, because the rapid pace of life in the XX century, everything was growing: there could be no hibernation due to a couple of extra pounds.

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Better to chew

Chewing no less than 30 once was what Goran Fletcher, nicknamed the Great Chewer, advised. From each piece the maximum benefit is thus extracted. Chew, chew, chew, but if hard pieces of food remain, they should be spit out. The original diet, especially since you can eat everything. No banned products.

Oil - Laxative

In the forties, those who wanted to lose weight, began to quote the book “Diet without despair” by the author Marion White. The manual was recommended to use mineral oil for weight loss. It is not digested by the body and acts as a laxative. Only here the author did not take into account that with constant use this oil causes diarrhea, bloating and other stomach disorders.

Horns and hooves

There was also the drink of Dr. Lynn, who was beating off the appetite. Robert Lynn made it from slaughterhouse waste: horns, hoofs, hides, bones and tendons. During the reception of this cocktail was recommended a complete rejection of food. The cocktail did not last long, because 58 people died because of it. It was proved that it was the drink that caused their heart attacks.

Divide and grow thin

In 1930, doctor Herbert Shelton developed an original diet. According to his theory, all products are divided into large groups: protein, carbohydrate, vegetables and fruits. And not all of these groups fit together. Roughly speaking, protein foods should be eaten with vegetables, and carbohydrate foods (cereals, for example) should not be combined with meat.

Followers of this diet speak very well of it, but doctors agree that there is no scientific basis under the theory of the compatibility of products. It would be an exaggeration to think that meat will not be able to digest along with buckwheat. Together, these products are perfectly digested. And weight loss is due to the fact that people are beginning to pay more attention to their diet, to choose healthier and lower-calorie foods.

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White death

Dr. Atkins' famous diet began her march around the world in the 1960s. Sugar is poison, but fish, meat and seafood could be eaten without restrictions. But sugar, bread and pasta should be excluded, vegetables - to limit. The diet gave and gives excellent results, lose weight on it pretty quickly. Here only restriction of carbohydrates and a large amount of proteins can lead to urolithiasis, weakness and even cardiovascular insufficiency. The latter is especially strange, considering that Dr. Atkins was a cardiologist.


Complete refusal of food for a certain amount of time - doctors will not support such a diet. But on the other hand, those who are eager to find harmony, the idea of ​​starving seems quite attractive. Some extremals are solved even on a dry-fast hunger strike: without water.

The fascination with fasting began in the middle of the XX century, after the publication of Paul Brega's book “The Miracle of Fasting”. The author believed that in the course of fasting the body will be able to rest from the pollution and toxins that get into it with food. And in the process of releasing energy, the body over time will be able to carry out self-cleaning.

Thai pills

They broke into our lives in the nineties. Wonder remedy, eat what you want, drink pills and lose weight. A cherished dream: you do not need to play sports, you do not need to count calories, just drink a pill. Everything turned out to be simple: the pills contained larvae of tapeworms, which ate up all the food for you and grew. Many women with such pills have caused irreparable harm to health.

It is interesting that this method did not appear at all in the nineties, but much earlier. In the first two decades of the 20th century, it was incredibly popular. A surge in popularity was also noted in the middle of the 20th century: then it was attributed to the suddenly thinner Maria Callas. True, there is a version that the singer became infected with parasites because of the love of steaks and tartar, raw meat.

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