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Apple, Homer, Gulliver: weird and unusual names of celebrity children


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English and American names are now a tightly woven tangle of traditional and modern names. And celebrities often name their children very unusual. Tells about the most interesting examples english style.

One of the reasons celebrities give strange names to their children is because some of them believe that an unusual name will ensure their children will be famous in the future. However, there are examples to the contrary. In the book FreakOnomics, in the late 1950s, in New York, a father named one of his sons Looser "Loser" and the other Winner "Winner." Looser had a successful career, and Winner was jailed 30 times for various crimes (from domestic violence to burglary).

A survey was recently conducted on the Internet among 2300 people on the topic "The strangest name given to a child of a celebrity." As a result of voting, the honorable first place was taken by the daughter of Frank Zappa named Moon Unit "Satellite of the Moon". We've looked at some of the modern names for "Hollywood kids" and we can identify several motivational trends.

In honor of prominent people of the XNUMXth century

Ava (on behalf of actress Ava Gardner) - daughter of Reese Witherspoon; daughter of Aidan Quinn; John McEnroe's daughter
Lennon (from the surname of the Beatles member John Lennon) - son of Laem Gallagher
Roman (after director Roman Polanski) - son of Cate Blanchett
Truman (probably from the last name of American President Harry Truman) - son of Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks

In honor of the character of the book

Atticus (one of the main characters in the famous book "To Kill a Mockingbird") - the son of Tony Adams; Daniel Baldwin's son
Gulliver (on behalf of the protagonist of D. Defoe's "Gulliver's Journey") - the son of Harry Oldman

In honor of ancient personalities

Aurelius (name of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius) - son of Elle Macpherson
Homer (on behalf of the ancient Greek philosopher) - Richard Gere
Phinnaeus Walter (on behalf of the Roman Emperor) - son of Julia Roberts and Danny Moder

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In honor of the biblical hero

Levi Roan Green (on behalf of the biblical character Levi) - son of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke
Moses (name of the biblical hero Moses) - son of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

In honor of the band

Zeppelin (from the group name Led Zeppelin) - son of Jonathan Davis

Notorious diminutive names

Betty Kitten ("Betty Kitten") - Jane Goldman and Jonathan Ross
Little Trixie ("Little Trixie") - the daughter of Bob Geldof

"Edible" names

Apple ("Apple") - the daughter of Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow
Peaches ("Peaches") - the daughter of Bob Geldof
Hazel Patricia ("Hazelnut") - daughter of Julia Roberts

"Flower" names

Blossom ("Blossom") - daughter of Casey Ainsworth
Dandelion ("Dandelion") - the son of Keith Richards
Honeyblossom - the daughter of Bob Geldof

"Musical" names

Banjo ("Banjo") - son of Rachel Griffiths

Beautiful play on words

Blue Angel - Dave Evans' son
Bluebell Madonna ("Bell" Madonna) - daughter of Jerry Halliwell
God'iss Love - daughter of Lil Mo
Indiana August ("August in Indiana") - son of Summer Phoenix and Casey Affleck
Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lily ("Heavenly Tiger Lily") - the daughter of Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates

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"Cosmic" names

Luna ("Luna") - daughter of Frank Lampard
Moon Unit ("Satellite of the moon") - daughter of Frank Zappa.

Airplane names

Ace - Natalie Appleton and Liam Howlet
Jet - son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston
Rocket - daughter of Robert Rodriguez

Natural phenomena

Autumn ("Autumn"), Ocean ("Ocean") - children of Forest Whitaker

Names - associations with occupation

Moxie Crimefighter ("The Brave Crime Fighter") - Penn's daughter Juliet
Pilot Inspektor, son of Jason Lee
Pirate ("Pirate") - son of Jonathan Davis
Racer ("Racer"), Rebel ("Rebel") - children of Robert Rodriguez
Rider Russell ("Rider Russell" - from the name of the actor Kurt Russell) - the son of Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson
Sailor - son of Christie Brinkley
Scout - the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

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Animal-inspired names

Puma ("Puma") - the daughter of Eric Badu
Rufus Tiger (Rufus "Tiger") - son of Roger Taylor

"Geographic" names

Assisi (from the city name) - daughter of Jade Jagger
Brooklyn (New York borough) - son of David Beckham
Chester (city in England) - son of Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks
Dakota (from the name of the American state) - daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson
Dixie Dot ("South Point", Dixie - the name of the southern states of the United States) - daughter of Anna Ryder Richardson
Kingston (capital of Jamaica) - son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rosdale
Ireland (from the name of the country Ireland) - daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger
Paris (Paris) - son of Michael Jackson

Foreign names

Johan Riley FyodorTaiwo (this anthroponym includes the Russian personal name Fedor) - the son of Heidi Klum and Sila
Lourdes and Rocco (Spanish and Italian names) - daughter and son of Madonna
Maddox ("Son of the Lord") - son of Angelina Jolie
Romeo (Romeo) - son of David Beckham
Suri (from Hebrew "Princess", from Farsi "Red Rose") - daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Zahara ("Luminous") - daughter of Angelina Jolie

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Foreign word play

Amandine (from French "Almond Cream") - the daughter of John Malkovich
Bibi Belle (from French "Beauty") - daughter of Anna Ryder Richardson
Cruz (from the Spanish "Cross") - the son of David Beckham
Geronimo ("Hurray") - son of Alex James
Milo (from the Greek. "Apple") - the son of Liv Tyler and Royston Langdon
Pax (from Vietnamese "Light, Good") - the son of Angelina Jolie
Shiloh Nouvel (from Hebrew "New Gift", "New Peacemaker" or "New Messiah") - daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Tallulah Belle (from French "Beauty") - daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

Names derived from the first / last names of the parents:

Courteney Cox Arquette with husband and daughter Coco. Photo: Shutterstock

Coco (from the first syllables of the mother's first and last name Courtney Cox) - daughter of David Arquette and Courtney Cox Arquette
Prince "Prince" and Prince Michael II "Prince Michael II" - sons of Michael Jackson
Taj (probably from the first syllable of the father's surname T [ai] ler) - Stephen Tyler's son
Willow (formed on behalf of Will's father) is the daughter of Will Smith. Interestingly, his son is named after Jaden's mother from Jada.

Just weird names:

Audio Science ("Audio Science") - daughter of Shannin Sossamon
Daisy Boo ("Daisy" Fu ") - daughter of Jules Norton
Denim ("Denim", "Jeans") - son of Toni Braxton
Diezel Ky (possibly from the common noun diesel "Diesel Engine") - son of Toni Braxton
Dweezil (possibly from the common noun diesel "Diesel Engine") is the son of Frank Zappa.
Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q (this anthroponym consists of the personal name Elijah, the derivative Bob (Robert) and Irish slang) - son of Bono
Fifi-Trixibelle (possibly from French belle "Beauty" and trixie slangism "In Triple Measure", Fifi is a popular name for a little dog) - the daughter of Bob Geldof
Fortuna Daphne Bay ("Fortuna Daphne Bay") - daughter of Melanie Brown
Jermajesty ("Her Majesty") - daughter of Jermaine Jackson
Misty Kid ("Mystic Kid") - daughter of Charlene Spiteri.
Phoenix Chi ("Phoenix Chi") - daughter of Melanie Brown
Seven ("Seven") - the son of Erica Badu
Sonnet, True - Children of Forest Whitaker
Rumer Glenn - daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis
Ziggi - son of Bob Marley
Zola - daughter of Eddie Murphy
Zooey is the son of David Bowie.

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Curiously, the celebrity's thirst for newness in names hasn't had much of an impact on the fans they are trying to impress. Ordinary Britons prefer to name their children traditionally: Thomas, Daniel, William, Emily, Lucy and Sophia (according to statistics published annually in the Times newspaper). For 10 years in England, the male name Jack was in the lead.

Simple names show that there is a huge chasm in the world of celebrity names and common people's names. However, among ordinary Americans and British people there are lovers of the unusual.

For example, in Hawaii, the youngest daughter of the owner of one of the local restaurants entered a school in Honolulu. Her name and surname consist of 102 letters and in translation into Russian means "numerous beautiful flowers of mountains and valleys begin to fill Hawaii in length and width with their fragrance." And the Jackson family from Chicago named their children Meningitis, Laryngitis, Appendicitis, Peritonitis, Tonsillitis.

In Russian, of course, there are no names Yabloko or Prince, and they are unlikely to be, but some unusual tendencies are still noticeable. Many fanciful or old names appear that are considered obsolete. Petersburg actress Anna Kovalchuk named her daughter Zlata, which she explains by following the church calendar. Around the same time, the singer Alexander Malinin gave the Old Russian names to his twins: Ustinya and Frol. The famous actress Renata Litvinova named her daughter Ulyana, the singer Natalya Koroleva gave her son the name Arkhip.

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Even 10-5 years ago, there were practically no such children's names as Taisia, Stephanie, Makar, Ignat, Arseny, Ariadna, but now the ancient Greek names Makar (son of actress Maria Shukshina), Arseny (son of Alexei Kortnev) have already become something then familiar and ordinary. The names of Greek origin Taisia ​​(daughter of TV presenter Yulia Menshova), Stephanie (daughter of singer Dmitry Malikov), Ariadna (daughter of ballerina Anastasia Volochkova) seem to many to be primordially Russian. Separately, I would like to mention the soloist of the group "Uma Thurman" Vladimir Kristovsky, who gave his daughters very unusual foreign names: Stanislav, Mia, Yasmin. Foreign names were given to their children by Nikolai Baskov (Bronislav), and singer Masha Makarova (Mirra and Rosa). Double foreign names are also a definite naming tendency: Anna-Maria is the daughter of actor Mikhail Efremov; Elizaveta-Anna is the daughter of TV presenter Elena Hanga.

Many strange names are associated with the nationality of either the celebrities themselves or their spouses. Singer Alsou named her daughter Safina, because in Tatarstan, where she comes from, this is a very common name.

However, from all of the above, it cannot be concluded that Russian stars name their children only pretentious names. For example, one of the most popular names, Maria, is worn by the daughters of actress Anastasia Melnikova, singer Maxim Leonidov, actor Oleg Tabakov.

Therefore, we can conclude that "star" parents are more prone to shocking names for their children than ordinary people, although there are unexpected exceptions in both societies. Of course, in the USA and Great Britain, the unusual name of the "star" baby is almost the norm, which, fortunately, cannot be said about Russian celebrities. When choosing an unusual, pretentious, strange name for their children, parents hardly think about how the fate of a child with such a name will turn out. Behind the choice of an unusual name is often a desire to stand out from the crowd, to show your originality, "star" status. It can also be religious, political reasons, a desire to tell the whole world about your hobbies in such an extraordinary way.

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