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'The Age of Anxiety', or What are 'Pills of Happiness' Prozac


Source: New York Times

At the beginning of 2000-x, a new generation antidepressant was patented. Prozacfollowed by America, and subsequently the whole world, writes New York Times.

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The Pill of Happiness spawned the Prozac Nation, a lost generation addicted to antidepressants.

Today, in the so-called era of anxiety, depression is one of the most common diseases.

Do not suffer from depression to modern people is simply indecent. It is the same as believing in God and not reading prayers.

The first antidepressants appeared about 50 years ago. But it soon became clear that they have many side effects - dry mouth, constipation, sweating, weakness, insomnia and obesity. Worst of all, they caused heart rhythm disturbances, liver and kidney problems, and decreased potency.

Antidepressant new generation Prozac became a real miracle, as it had no side effects.

In the US, a powerful drug for the treatment of severe mental disorders is used as a means of improving mood. A huge disadvantage, perhaps, is that the pills are very addictive. Many people who have decided to stop using the medicine have experienced “breaking up”.

After all, constant chemical happiness is like continuous intoxication. The acuity of sensations is lost, emotions are dulled.

Therefore, experts advise those who are struggling with depression to exercise and consume vitamins. And if you feel that everything is serious, see a doctor.

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