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'He was getting worse': the father of 6 watches saved his drowning son in the icy sea



In the Australian state of Queensland, a man kept his seven-year-old son from drowning for six hours after their boat rolled over.

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39-year-old Make Honen, along with his son Julian and a friend, went fishing in early June - the first month of winter in the Southern Hemisphere, writes referring to The Daily Mail.ton

Suddenly a storm began, and the ship turned over. Make and his friend found themselves in icy water without life jackets 15 kilometers from the coast. They took turns holding seven-year-old Julian so that the child would not drown. After a few hours, the boy, despite the efforts of adults, began to lose consciousness and swallow water.

“It was very scary to look at how he was getting worse and talking less and less. It seemed the boy was dying, but I did not stop talking to him. His arms around my neck clenched tightly, ”Make said.

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Rescuers discovered the crash after six hours. To transport them to the hospital, a helicopter was sent, on which they performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and immersed him in an artificial coma. At first, the doctors were afraid that the boy’s brain was irreparably damaged, and claimed that the probability of his survival was about five percent.

Photo: GoFundMe

However, the child was able to recover the next morning. First of all, Julian asked his father when they would go fishing again.

For the will to live, the child was nominated for the national Pride of Australia ("Pride of Australia"). It is reported that the boy fully recovered from the incident.

GoFundMe father page collects money to a new boat for Julian.

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