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Elvis, Monroe, Jackson: The Stars Suspected Of Faking Their Own Death


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Sometimes fans have to lose their great and world-famous idols. Their departure is often unexpected, like a flash, and mysterious, over time acquiring new facts and speculation. It comes to the point that they begin to doubt the death of the stars, writes Readovka67.

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Mike Dixon

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Some fans flatly refuse to believe that he is gone. The death of the King of Pop in the summer of 2009 was unexpected. An autopsy of the singer's body was carried out the day after his death, but the doctors did not announce the cause of death. Craig Harvey, a Los Angeles County spokesman, said a number of examinations were needed, and that took time.

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Later, rumors spread that Michael faked his death to get rid of debt and bullying. Pictures from all over the world appeared on the network, in which Jackson (or a similar person) was clearly visible. In 2016, his daughter posted a photo that featured a familiar face. But, perhaps, all this is just a play of imagination.

Elvis Presley

Screenshot: Elvis Presley / YouTube

He passed away on August 16, 1977. The last straw was a double dose of the sedative. According to the official version, death occurred at 16:00. But after the incident, photos with Elvis began to flicker in the press every now and then. For example, two hours after saying goodbye to the singer at the airport, they saw a man like two peas in a pod who looked like the king of rock and roll. A certain man John Burroughs bought a ticket to Buenos Aires. Elvis always flew under this name if he wanted to remain unnoticed. 7 years after the funeral of the singer, a person incredibly similar to Presley was noticed in the photo in the company of Muhammad Ali and Jesse Jackson.

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By the way, the singer had a reason for the disappearance. Shortly before his death, he lost more than $ 10 million after a deal with realtors run by the mafia. His life was in danger, so in exchange for information, Elvis could ask the government for asylum and a new name.

An interesting fact: on Presley's grave, his middle name is spelled with a mistake - Aaron, although the correct one is Aaron. Fans claim that the artist was too superstitious to write his real name on a fake monument.

Tupac Shakur

Screenshot: 2Pac / YouTube

His murder has not yet been solved. Many facts suggest that the rapper is actually alive. After his death, 7 albums were released under his name - this is more than during his lifetime. Plus, no one saw Shakur cremated. And someone did say that he saw Tupac the day after his death.

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Fans believe that the artist faked his departure due to problems with the law. So he avoided a showdown with the police and the authorities of the criminal world. The death of the star was also denied by his bodyguard. The musician's body was allegedly replaced, and Tupac himself was sent to Cuba. Nice (the bodyguard) had evidence of this - photos and videos. And later, the son of producer Suga Knight posted photos on the network in which Shakur poses with Beyoncé. The real photos or not is still unknown.

Marilyn Monroe

Screenshot: PopCultureReligion / YouTube

In April 2001, an American journalist met with a former CIA agent, now a private detective, who asked to be named Mr. B. This man made a sensational statement: Marilyn Monroe is alive, and he managed to find her.

Monroe was the idol of Mr. B, he followed her life and could not believe that the star had committed suicide. With his professional look, he saw that there was something terribly fake in the official version of the death of the actress. Working in the CIA, he began to sniff out at his own peril and risk what actually happened to his beloved actress.

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During the investigation, the detective has accumulated circumstantial evidence that Marilyn is alive. Mr. B managed to find out that the so-called Group A, which is in the service of the government, had to physically eliminate the star. But at the last moment, Robert Kennedy changed his mind and canceled the assignment. Instead, it was decided to stage the actress's suicide. And Monroe herself was taken to a psychiatric hospital in Switzerland and completely cut off from the outside world.

She could have stayed in the clinic until the end of her days, if a doctor named Laube had not fallen in love with her. He was a widower with three sons, but this did not prevent Marilyn from connecting her future life with him. After the wedding, the couple moved to Austria, but then returned to Switzerland. Dr. Laube died in the late 1970s, and Monroe allegedly lived happily, raising adopted sons, and later grandchildren.

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