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Elena Malysheva showed how to go to the store and not get infected with coronavirus


Source: RIA News

The doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva, using her personal example on Instagram, showed how to defend herself during a trip to the store, writes "RIA News".

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So, she first wore a respirator and gloves.

Malysheva noted that it is necessary to wipe the handles and shelves of the cart with wet wipes. Pay for purchases by contactless credit card. The buttons of the intercom should be pressed with a finger bone or use a magnetic key.

“The same principle in the elevator: only with a bone,” Malysheva explained.

Bringing the bags home, she noticed that she still hadn't taken off her gloves, treated them with an alcohol-containing solution, and then took them off.

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The contents of the packages must be wiped: for this, she used disinfectant wipes. She also suggested washing vegetables and fruits with hot water.

The TV presenter handled the bag with which she went to the store with napkins, and she threw the bag away. The table on which shopping was laid out, as well as the handles of cabinets and a fridge, Malyshev wiped. After that, she treated her hands with an antiseptic.

She noted that the virus lives only in drops: for products to become dangerous, someone had to cough or sneeze on them.

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