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Experts told what social network harms the psyche


Source: RSPH

Researchers from the British Community of Public Health decided to find out how social networks affect the psychological health of modern people. To highlight the most dangerous social network, experts studied the correspondence, posts and reactions of subscribers in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.

What found out Royal Society For Public Health in your research?


It turns out that the network has become the most dangerous for a person’s psychological comfort and general emotional well-being ... Instagram... Given that many social media users consider Insta to be the most positive and calm, it would seem how and to whom can innocent photographs harm? But it’s not that simple. Most likely, people react negatively to the photo of a “beautiful” life, artificially created specifically for social networks, and therefore experience severe discomfort. It was found that it is Instagram that most often causes irritation and negativity up to depressive manifestations, and it is in this network that users most often “poison” each other.

In second place was Twitter, Facebook he also received an honorary "bronze". It is followed by Snapchat. Turned out to be the most harmless YouTube. In total, one and a half thousand people at the age of 14-24 took part in the experiment, all of them answered the questions of sociologists, analyzed their state of health in different situations provoked by the content of social networks.

According to experts, it is undesirable to be on social networks of any orientation for more than two hours a day. After that, even those who are simply viewing photos of cats may experience irritation and other negative feelings.

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