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Experiment: How Fear Affects Health, Disease, and Recovery

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


It turned out that dogs can smell disease. And, for sure, not only dogs. Although for many this is not even news. We have been talking about this for a long time and they, dogs, find drugs at airports and perform a lot of other interesting canine functions. Their nose is hundreds or even thousands of times more sensitive than a human nose.

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Recently, it turned out that dogs can also smell ... fear. This was news to me. It turned out that fear smells. Not everyone is the same, but they have a lot in common. Here we need to remember that each of us is a large and incredibly complex chemical laboratory in which God knows what happens. And that's exactly how it is. None of the people know this. And everything that we already know, for sure, easily fits into one percent of what it would be good to know. And fear, no matter what caused, includes certain mechanisms that transfer the laboratory to a specific "insurance" regime. Certain substances interact with each other, a new “cocktail” is formed, and the dogs smell it. I think that in some future this will be thoroughly studied and everyone who is afraid will be instantly discovered. I don’t know what they will do with them, but the idea seems to me very promising. But today I'm not talking about dogs, but just about fear, although this has already been written and rewritten.

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I've done an interesting experiment here. I asked several nurses working in different hospitals to pay attention to whether there is a connection between patients who are afraid (because of illness, because of possible complications, because of the danger of infecting loved ones) and they do not hide this fear, and the number those who have lung problems ... due to this virus, of course.

They (all three, not knowing each other) twisted their fingers at their temples, like - crazy crazy (meaning me), but since this request did not interrupt them from work, they nevertheless drew attention to this situation. They looked at it or even looked at it for two months, and all three independently reported that they themselves were extremely surprised to see an interesting correlation. Those who were afraid (which is perfectly normal in this situation) almost all received a “blow to the lungs”. Someone needed their ventilation, some did not. Those who (at different ages) did not express any obvious signs of fear, but, on the contrary, were calm enough and confident that everything would end well, although they were sick (and were sick in different ways), for some unknown reason, managed to past problems with easy to pass, and if they were hooked, then a little ...

This, of course, is not a serious scientific study and no one in the world of serious nobles and Pirogovs will pay attention to it. But we are talking about hundreds of patients and fairly accurate statistics, since these nurses were there personally and were themselves surprised by this set of "strange coincidences" ...

But Ayurvedic and other holistic specialists have been repeating this for a thousand years. The body is not a set of spare parts, it is not clear how they ended up trapped inside us. This is a factory where everything is interconnected, they say. Therefore, what happens outside is reflected inside, and vice versa. And if you look carefully, you can find the correlation they found between fear and lungs. Who would have thought?…

And now, in August, which is interesting, although the virus is still walking, it seems that there are fewer “hits on the lungs”. Or again, the news is still lying. Or ... people have become a little less afraid of getting sick in general and going to the hospital, in particular. If you remember, in March-April, going to the hospital was almost like going to the morgue. Now it seems that is no longer the case. It seems to have become safer, which does not cancel the virus and its walk around the planet, which no one knows when will stop ...

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In a hundred years, I think it will be clear who was right and who was wrong. But this observation seemed to me interesting and I decided to just share it with the people.

And in conclusion, a rhyme by the same author.

About fears.

Different fears live in a person
Since childhood, they nest and forever,
We find them, save them and cherish them,
Comfortable and gentle, terribly sorry.

Fears drill holes in us endlessly
We are treated very lightly
The body, like an animal from the inside, eats away,
And they do not want to leave us at all.

Children's fears of the pot and the babayka
They grow up with us, under fairy tales and tales,
Fear of the dark and biting dogs
Stings by a bee, we get angry and cry.

Later - we are afraid to learn no matter,
And it's unfortunate and foolish to marry,
The drunkards of the father-in-law and the mother-in-law of the market,
A cunning boss, evil and insidious.

It's scary when they laugh at you,
Plus - planes fly and ... fight,
It's scary to be sick and wallow in the ward,
Believe in the doctor in a starched coat.

Fire, hurricane, flood is terrible,
Or the pressure will rise terribly,
It is scary to be covered with financial collapse ...
Is it possible to live completely without fear?

If gasoline still gets more expensive
If nobody respects me
It's scary that the roof goes briskly,
It's scary to be drunk and scary to be sober.

So we live, now fighting, now giving up,
Even in the reasons and without understanding,
We feed our fears in vain
They like it between cheese and butter.

Every phrase, story, word,
Creates fears, and the place is ready,
Here's a new one for you - sleek, brute,
Fear: It's a mold-fungus-spider web.

Fears are always afraid of confrontation,
They sit quietly and do not like applause,
If we called fear by name
He will hardly notice this fact,

Knows, bandit, that the fight will begin,
He will have a hard time in this battle,
But still, you guys know
It will not be superfluous to temper a soldier,

Scars, shrapnel, penetrating wounds
You are expected, there is no doubt;
Even defeating him in a duel -
Remember - fear stays in the picture

Ticking with mine, it will hide,
To burst inside one day
To poison life, to take revenge for the past,
His grip and scent are crazy ...

Fears instilled, acquired
Fears killed but revived
Strangle fears, sucking drunks
Vile, mean and ubiquitous.

They need to cut off their lives without hesitation,
Fight them to the point of exhaustion,
It is useless to settle for a draw here,
Sooner or late - it will pick up in the face,

Destroy everything, level it to the ground,
Or lead you to a madhouse!

... We don't want to live with fears anymore,
We declare war on all of them today,
We boldly call them by name,
And to a duel, not joking, we call,

We press like a reptile with a bold hand.
If you don't want to - live as a family
Embracing fears, they are useful to each other,
You will live a century at the edge of the abyss ...

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