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'Tour on request': Sergei Penkin showed his chic three-story house for the first time



Fans of the musician have long asked him to show the house, and Sergei finally decided, writes


The fact that Sergey Penkin is clearly not living in poverty, his fans have suspected for a long time. The musician periodically showed photos on social networks, either from his own pool, or from a chic library with antique books.

Admirers of his talent more than once persuaded the singer to show the whole house, but the celebrity always put off this moment. However, in self-isolation, the artist nevertheless decided to open the veil of secrecy and demonstrate his gorgeous family nest on Instagram.

“Dear friends, you ask how I spend my time. I spend him in my house. You have to do a little sports, while you run around all these floors. Here is my third floor, ”Penkin said out of breath and began a tour of his splendid square meters.

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Then he showed a huge crystal chandelier, descending from the ceiling of the third floor to the first. And a very unusual interior with bright yellow walls and red furniture. In Penkin’s house, in addition to typical rooms such as bedrooms and classrooms, a gym, a very impressive pool, a room for ballet classes, a dressing room and even a small concert hall were found.

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