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'She wasn't even given a chance': 3-year-old girl was treated for constipation until she died of cancer



The hospital decided that the pain in the stomach of a little girl was due to digestive problems. Doctors did not want to hear that there are other symptoms.

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Just a few weeks before his death, 3-year-old Ayof from the UK was a happy, cheerful, lively child, a fidget girl, says

In early June of this year, Ayof began complaining of abdominal pain. Her mother Eilish Flanagan immediately showed the child to the doctor. But the hospital assured: the child has a usual constipation, there is nothing to worry about.

The pain did not subside, and Mrs. Flanagan again brought her daughter to the reception. The diagnosis was the same. The girl was advised to move more, go to the sports section. Although Ayof was an active child, she even went in for horse riding.

Mrs. Flanagan felt that everything was much more serious. For three weeks, the mother showed her daughter 11 times to doctors, seeking a thorough examination. The girl began to lose weight, and then the doctors decided that Eilish was simply poorly feeding her baby. Pain began to spread throughout the body. And when the parents found out that her daughter had cancer, the whole little body of Ayof was already sick. Large bumps grew in the pelvic and liver regions, which blocked the intestines.

“In recent days, she was very scared because she had lost a lot of weight and changed outwardly. But the daughter still struggled with every cell of her body, ”says Ayof’s mother.

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Photo: Facebook / Eilish Flanagan

On July 7, five days after the doctors diagnosed, the girl's heart stopped.

“I held her because I knew that something was wrong with my child. She died in my arms, ”Eilish says.

The girl found cancer of germ cells - cells that later turn into sperm or ovum. When a baby develops in the womb, the germ cells usually move into the ovaries or scrotum. But sometimes they do not migrate to the right place and settle in other parts of the body, where they can develop into a tumor.

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Most often, malignant formations appear in the lower part of the spine, in the brain, chest or abdomen. Such tumors are rare, germ cell cancer is about 3% of all childhood oncological diseases. 93% of children with this diagnosis survive. Germ cell tumors respond well to chemotherapy, but in the case of Ayof it was already too late.

“My daughter wasn’t even given a chance to fight the disease,” Eilish says.

Photo: Facebook / Eilish Flanagan

Symptoms depend on where the tumor develops. Usually a bump appears that can be felt. A tumor can press on neighboring organs, causing pain, on the bladder, leading to frequent urination.

The tumor and part of the organs affected by the disease, the girl's parents gave to study this rare type of cancer.

“Her death should not be in vain,” says mother Ayof.

Mrs. Flanagan opened the Bubble charity, named for the pony that her daughter loved so much. The foundation will help children with the same diagnosis that Ayof had.

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