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Food in dangerous packaging: how to reduce harm


Source: Popular Science

Traditional packaging made of pressed paper or cardboard, which are used in fast-food establishments (and often at home) for food storage, scientists consider dangerous to health, writes Popular Science.

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Experts have tested various types of packaging and found that at least a third of this type of cardboard and paper products contain harmful chemicals. The fact is that to create packaging cardboard in the production using chemicals that are also used to create non-stick pans and waterproof jackets. This is necessary so that, as a result, the cardboard repels liquid and grease.

Xenia Trier, an expert chemist and one of the study's authors, says: “These chemicals are very common. You use different types of cardboard or paper, and if they are not processed they will absorb grease and water, so they are not very good as a food container. Therefore, they are treated with chemistry - and then they do an excellent job of storage. ” Trayer adds: “Unfortunately, we also know that processing agents are hazardous and associated with a variety of diseases.”

Before coming to this conclusion, experts analyzed the products of more than 400 various fast food outlets, from retail outlets to restaurants, in the USA and Europe.

According to experts, all that you can do at the moment to reduce the harm to health from such packaging is to get your french fries out of the box as quickly as possible or quickly deploy a hamburger. The longer food is stored in the processed cardboard, the stronger the effect of chemicals on the body.

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