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Johnbenet Ramsey: the mysterious murder of a young beauty queen that shocked all of America


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Johnbenet Patricia Ramsey is an American girl killed by unknown criminals. Her terrible death attracted the attention of the press, because there were a lot of inconsistencies in the case, writes Ivan Chernyak in his blog on Yandex Zen.

Johnbenet Ramsey. 06.08.1990/25.12.1996/XNUMX - XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX. Screenshot: The Murder & Mystery Channel / YouTube

The assassination of JonBenet Ramsey happened 20 years ago and became the most mysterious and resonant in the history of the United States. In this paradoxical case, absolutely all the evidence contradicts each other, and each new version of the murder sounds crazier than the previous one.

On December 25, 1996, the rich and prosperous Ramsey family returned home late from the Christmas party. Mother Patricia Ramsey, on arrival home, put her children, little Johnbenet and her brother, 9-year-old Burke, to sleep.

In the morning, the parents ’worst nightmare became a reality - around five in the morning Patricia went down the stairs and found a note saying that Johnbenet was abducted by a group of anonymous terrorists and they would give it for only $ 118 in 000-dollar bills. She went upstairs to her daughter’s bedroom and found an empty bed there.

After 15 minutes, the police arrived, the search began in the house, and in the afternoon, at about 14 hours, father John Ramsey found his daughter’s cold body in the basement - she was brutally murdered and possibly raped.

Jonbenet has participated in many beauty contests. Such a fame for her daughter wanted her mother, who in her youth also participated in such competitions. Screenshot: The Murder & Mystery Channel / YouTube

For several years, an investigation was actively underway, DNA examinations were carried out, pedophiles were looked for, witnesses were questioned, but the killer was never caught.

Several independent journalists conducted their own investigation, the results of which, one way or another, boil down to three versions, one more terrible than the other.

The parents of the murdered girl turned to the public with a request to help find the criminal. Screenshot: The Murder & Mystery Channel / YouTube

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Version one. Killer is a pedophile who infiltrated a house at night. This version is currently official and supposedly confirmed by traces of sexual violence, as well as unknown fingerprints found on the girl’s body. According to this version, the pedophile entered the house at night through the open basement window, climbed into the bedroom of Jonbenet, hit her with a shocker and dragged her into the basement, where he committed sexual acts, and then strangled him with a rope found at the crime scene.

A few facts definitely play in favor of this version. The girl constantly participated in children's competitions, moreover, she became the Queen of Beauty 1996 and the Young Miss Colorado. It is possible that pedophiles go to such contests in order to find a potential victim.

Another fact falls into the box of evidence - the Ramsey family was rich and regularly held parties at home, inviting all neighbors and multiple acquaintances. It is possible that the killer spotted the girl at one of these holidays and managed to study the layout of the house.

But other facts break this version and make it completely unrealistic.

Why would a pedophile write a letter with a condition, especially a large letter written in good artistic language? The experts tried to write the same letter, and it took them about 20 minutes, without having to come up with anything. The original note would have taken about an hour to write.

No traces were found around the house; a cobweb hung on the basement window, which a pedophile would surely have torn off during penetration.

The main fact refuting this version was discovered during a medical examination. The girl died not from suffocation, but from a blow to the head with a blunt iron object. It turned out that the ropes and traces of suffocation were merely an imitation, falsification of a murder.

A piece of a tree of microscopic size found in the genital tract of a girl in no way is evidence of rape. He could get there by accident, while moving the girl’s corpse.

That is why to many the version with a pedophile seemed tense, as if invented on purpose to hide the real motives of the murder. Perhaps you need to look for the killer not outside, but inside the house?

The second version. The killers are the parents themselves. This version was the most popular at the beginning of the investigation. It was born through the fault of the parents themselves, constantly contradicting each other and behaving suspiciously.

Patricia Ramsey dialed 911 at 5 a.m. and said in a trembling voice that her daughter had been kidnapped. After she gave the information, the dispatcher tried to ask her questions, but Mrs. Ramsey simply hung up.

This is uncharacteristic behavior for the parent of the abducted child, because for victims of kidnapping the police are the last hope to find the abducted child, and they try to stay on the line until the arrival of law enforcement officers. In addition, before hanging up, she talked with an outsider for several seconds. In 2016, a group of independent journalists analyzed the call, cleaned it from noise, and amplified that passage of the call in which Patricia speaks to an outsider. This was a breakthrough in their investigation:

- We don't talk to you (John Ramsey)
-What did you do? (Patricia Ramsey)
-God help me (Patricia Ramsey)
-What did you find? (voice of a child, most likely Burke, older brother)

Not only is the dialogue too suspicious in itself, it contradicts the testimony given by the parents during the interrogation. They said that during the call, Burke was asleep, but in the quoted telephone conversation, his voice is clearly heard.

The next evidence against the parents is that the conditional letter was written on sheets of Patricia's notebook with her pen (!). In addition, linguists as a result of the examination concluded that the letter was written by a woman (!).

Comparison of the handwriting of the mother of the murdered child and the attacker. Screenshot: The Murder & Mystery Channel / YouTube

A suspicious episode is the moment the corpse was found, when the father began to search the house and almost instantly saw the corpse of the girl in pitch darkness. On the same day, a few hours later, for some reason, he ordered a plane and flew to another city with his family. What for? After all, at that moment they were searching for the killer of his daughter!

The end of this version was a DNA examination, which showed that the girl’s underwear does not have the fingerprints of her parents, but there are fingerprints of two strangers.

The most powerful argument against this theory is that the parents did not have a motive. Why would they kill their daughter?

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Version three. The killer is Brother Burke. 9-year-old Burke since childhood was a hyperactive boy, to some extent aggressive. A year before the murder, an incident occurred in the family: Burke hit his little sister with a golf club while playing, leaving her with a big black eye. And this was far from an isolated case - Burke constantly showed his aggression towards his sister.

Especially suspicious was the questioning of the boy by a psychologist. The child jolted in every possible way, and his testimony differed in what the parents had told the police.

The reason for this aggression could be envy, because the older child is often envious of the younger brother / sister, because the attention and love of parents is switched from one child to another.

Everything says about Burke's involvement: his behavior, a suspicious conversation during a call to the Rescue Service, a pineapple found in the girl's stomach, which Burke also ate before bed, but lied about this fact; a lantern found on the kitchen table next to the plate in which the very pineapple (!) lay, an absurd letter from the "kidnappers", an attempt to imitate a strangulation with a rope and other unnatural and ridiculous evidence.

Most likely, in a fit of anger, Burke hit his sister with a flashlight on the head, from which she suddenly died. Parents lost one child and decided to save the second, so they tried to imitate the penetration of a pedophile into the house with false evidence. The police, acting within the framework of the law (in the USA, children under 10 years of age are not responsible for crimes), decided to gently hush the whole thing, without punishing innocent parents for this terrible crime.

But what about the prints of two strangers in Johnbenet Ramsey's underwear?

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Most likely, these are prints of Chinese or Thai workers who sewed this linen with their calloused hands. Fingerprints may remain on the laundry for many years, but the police decided to omit this fact in order to ward off suspicion from Johnbenet’s parents.

What do we have in the end? Patricia Ramsey died of cancer in 2004, her husband married again and lives a quiet life. Burke Ramsey, who is now under 30, gave an interview to ABC and, talking about how sorry he was for his sister, smiled nervously, trying to hide his strong excitement.

Scandalous interview with Burke Ramsey. Screenshot: ABC News / YouTube

In 2019, a suspect appeared, they write Facts. This is 54-year-old pedophile Gary Oliva. He is currently serving a 10-year sentence in Limon Prison in Colorado. Oliva was found guilty of possession of child pornography. He was arrested in 2016.

Gary's former classmate Michael Vale provided letters to reporters that he wrote to him from Olive Prison. In them, he admits that he killed Johnbenet Ramsey, but claims that this happened by accident. Here are verbatim excerpts from Oliva's confession:

“I didn’t love anyone like Johnbenet, but I missed her and she hit her head, and I sat and watched her die. It was an accident. Believe me. She was different from other children ... "

In another letter, Oliva writes:

“Johnbenet completely changed me, delivered me from all the evil that lived in me. One glance at her beautiful face, her clean beautiful skin, her divine body was enough for me to understand how wrong I was when I killed other children. But not hers, an accident happened to her, for which I am responsible. ”

Michael Vale, having submitted letters to Gary Oliva, stated that the case could be solved immediately if the police had listened to his messages. According to Vale, Oliva called him on the evening of December 26, 1996.

“He was sobbing and repeating: 'I hurt a little girl.' Oliva's call did not surprise me. We met him in high school, continued to keep in touch, called on the phone for the holidays. Hearing his confession, I tried to get more information out of him, but he only repeated the same thing. He answered only one of my questions about where he is. Gary said he was calling me from Boulder, Colorado. And the next morning I opened a fresh newspaper and read about the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, which had been committed the day before in Boulder! "

Vale also claims that he immediately called the police of this city and reported about Oliva. His information was recorded, but no one contacted him.

“Three months later, I called them again. But the answering machine turned on. I asked if they detained Gary or not. And again they did not call me back. I still don’t understand why! ” - Michael is perplexed.

He stated that after that he intentionally continued to maintain contact in Oliva.

“I answered his rare calls, tried to talk to him. And then I received these letters from him. I turned them over to Boulder Police. I think this is a written confession. And justice must finally be done. In 2020, Oliva will receive the right to early release. And he can get out of prison! And then I will be afraid for every child in this country, ”said Vale.

Despite these facts, Oliva could not be proved guilty. The killing of Johnbenet Ramsey remains unsolved.

Original column published on the blog. Ivan Chernyak on Yandex Zen

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