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Jennifer Aniston frankly told why she has no children


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Jennifer Aniston is not a fan of such personal topics, but in her last interview for Instyle magazine, she still spoke about what worries most of her fans.

The actress shared why she has no children, writes Rambler. She said she did not understand why a woman is considered inferior without becoming a mother. After all, perhaps, Jennifer just has a different role and her mission is something else she can do for this world.

The actress noted that the point is not selfishness and the desire to pursue a career, nor is it that someone broke her heart. Only very few people know what kind of health problems she had to endure and what emotional expenses she was worth.

There are a lot of misconceptions about my life: "Jen can't keep a man" or "Jen refuses to have a child because she is selfish and focused on her career." Or that I am sad and heartbroken. First, with all due respect, my heart is not broken. Secondly, these are imprudent assumptions.

“There are other important things”

The most interesting topic in an interview with Jennifer was the question of children. In its 49 years, the star has never given birth, for which it is often condemned. However, the actress believes that society puts pressure on women who do not have children, considering them to be somehow incorrect or inferior, writes Hochu.

Perhaps my goal on this planet is not to multiply. Maybe I have other things to do?

“Jennifer doesn't want to have children because she is selfish and careerist” are the two biggest misconceptions about me. They also say that my heart is broken. This is not true. Nobody knows what really happens behind closed doors, what I went through from a medical and emotional point of view. There is pressure on women to be mothers. And if they don’t become, they are considered spoiled. Maybe my goal in this world is not to leave offspring behind? Maybe there are other important things that I can and should do? ”- Aniston admitted in an interview.

“People take photos and make up their own story”

News that Jennifer Aniston is waiting for the first child, appear on the network regularly. However, until now it all turned out to be only rumors, notes Viva... And if this only upset the fans of the actress, for herself this topic, as it turned out, is very painful. In an interview last year, Jennifer admitted that she gets very upset every time she sees a headline about her "pregnancy" on the Internet.

“People just take a photo of you and write a story for it. If you ate a bite or two, or you just have bloating, they interpret it unequivocally: you are pregnant. No, I'm not pregnant! It's just my body! A child is a private affair of the couple who is going to have it, and no one else, ”said the celebrity sharply.

“My ideas about what a happy and fulfilling life is, may be different from those of others. Everyone has their own. And no one should judge anyone else for any choice. No one knows what is happening in someone else's family, and it does not matter whether there are children there or not. This is a very difficult topic. Especially for me, ”the actress admitted.

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