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The uncle of a Russian boy, left orphaned in the United States, turned to Trump. VIDEO


Source: The first channel

Relatives of 9-year-old Daniel Morozov, who became an orphan in the United States as a result of a terrible family drama, are trying to return the child to their homeland, but the guardians are not allowed to even see the boy, reports The first channel (Russia).

In addition to Russian, he also has American citizenship. The uncle of the child (he is now in Los Angeles) recorded a video message to US President Donald Trump with a request to let him go to his nephew.

“All my actions were aimed at seeing Danya, my nephew, who knows me and my family very well, we went to him, he always went to us. We love this child. I was faced with a situation where I was refused to see the child in a rather rude manner. I started consulting with lawyers, and it turns out that this is a very long process with an incomprehensible end. It may simply not be given away. Therefore, a letter to the President of the United States is an act of despair. I hope he hears me and tries to help. So far, I do not see any way, except to turn to the US President and ask him for help. Who can somehow change the situation with a strong-willed decision. In our country, our president is able to do this. That's for sure. I hope that the president is no worse in their country and will cope with this situation, ”Andrei Morozov said in the video.


Recall that the boy lost both parents in terrible circumstances: his father, who allegedly killed his mother, was shot by the police. According to the laws of the United States, the fate of the child must be decided by the court. On custody claims cohabitant of the deceased woman, a citizen of America. Meanwhile, the grandmother on the line of the mother, who lives in Udmurtia, is also ready to seek Daniel's return to their homeland.

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