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Two early symptoms of coronavirus that are easy to miss


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Doctors warn that at an early stage, the coronavirus can manifest itself in two symptoms that are easy to miss, mistaking for a much less dangerous malaise, says "MedicForum".

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Coronavirus infection has been confirmed to date in more than 43 million people worldwide, with more than a million of those infected having died. Experts told the Express edition about two early warning signs of COVID-19: according to them, the appearance of these symptoms is easy to miss - a person may not realize that he is at risk, considering them to be something less dangerous than coronavirus.

These early symptoms of coronavirus are headaches and fatigue, experts say.

“While the 'classic' symptoms are still critical, it is important to pay attention to unusual tiredness or headaches. Our data show that frequent early symptoms are headache (manifested in 82% of cases) and fatigue (72%) - this is typical for all age groups, ”the doctors said.

They recommend that you closely monitor the state of the body when these symptoms occur. Such ailments are characteristic of many disorders and diseases - their appearance can mean both covid and other infections.

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"Although headaches and fatigue are commonly seen in people who have contracted the coronavirus, having only one or only these two symptoms is unlikely to be indicative of COVID," the researchers warn.

According to them, fatigue can be caused by lack of sleep, poor diet with an abundance of caffeine and inactivity, lack of vitamin D. Headaches are a frequent consequence of colds, stress, poor posture, and insufficient fluid intake.

"Your headaches or fatigue can be caused by the coronavirus if they are accompanied by one of its characteristic symptoms, such as high fever, a new dry cough, a sharp change in smell or taste," the doctors stated.

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