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Two simple rules: Elena Stepanenko told how she managed to lose 45 kg


Source: UNIAN

The former wife of comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan, Elena Stepanenko, has noticeably changed, getting rid of several tens of extra pounds. The star told how she did it, writes UNIAN.


TV presenter Elena Stepanenko, who lost 45 kilograms, revealed the secrets of her weight loss. Petrosyan's ex-wife gave an interview to Antenna.

According to Stepanenko, one of the main principles of her nutrition is that each portion should "fit in the palm of your hand." At the same time, the comedian is sure that you can eat any food and as many times a day as you want. She also admitted that she actually eats absolutely all the foods, but she chews some of them and then puts off.

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Photo: YouTube Screenshot / Petrosyan Live

“I ate two pies like this: I bit off, chewed, chewed, chewed until there was no goodness in my mouth, and spit it out. So I ate two pies - in fact, I spat them out, but the taste remained in my mouth, and I ate, ”Stepanenko explained.

“Everything that is not chewed is smoked sausage, meat (but I don't eat much of it anyway), I chew and put it aside,” Stepanenko added.

At the same time, the comedian admitted that she was forced to show smartness at a party. In such situations, she puts large lettuce on a plate and imperceptibly hides unhealed food beneath them.

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