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Another song: Reflections on Quarantine, War and the Collapse of the World Economy

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


Who ever sang in a choir, at school, for example, remembers that there were almost always one or two performers who sang ... their own song. In the general mass, they were most often not heard, but sometimes their voices still made their way - and the whole column stopped at a gallop ... If you, my readers, prefer only bravura articles predicting the start of big festivities about the end of the epidemic and the return to normal life, I recommend not reading this essay. I just decided to summarize what some of the “out of chorus” say in different countries.

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Moreover, unlike those who sing with everyone together and who have something to lose, I sometimes listen to those who sing, seemingly out of place, and who have nothing to lose. Insisting on their interpretation of events, they do not gain anything much, except that they cause fire on themselves. It is important to note that among them are ministers, scientists, economists. And although some of them are former, and now they are already retired, they cannot be denied a sharpness of mind, and their logic is not bad. Yes, of course, the voices of these units are muffled by the endless polyphonic noise coming from all the holes designed to stun the population. But with careful selection, you can find and hear, which I periodically do.

Here, you know, by chance the topic flashed. The debate came about what is worse, the Crown of the 19th convocation, the same, or unemployment. At first glance, a stupid comparison, but if you think about it ... And I thought about it.

After all, this is a war. It's me about the crown, so that it ... Announced or not, and if so, by whom? .. These are completely different questions for a completely different article. Yes, people get sick, yes, someone is hard, yes, someone even dies for obvious or incomprehensible reasons. But it always happens in war. But unemployment, a stopped economy, the inability to pay current expenses, this is a completely different story, quite peaceful.

Therefore, let's understand.

I have no questions about the virus. More precisely - there is, but no one will give an answer to them, neither today nor tomorrow. And all the answers, theories, drugs, conspiracy and conspiracies, along with dreams on the topic of plasma for and vaccination against ... so far nothing more than from the realm of fiction, although marketers are trying hard (which is understandable - they are furiously working off their salaries) ...

At the same time, stories with the economy and the redistribution of the loot, be it in 1929, or 1987, or 2000 (when all computers were supposed to be covered) or even 2008, when they came up with a financial crisis, which, like all previous ones, was not ... But they were all artificially created, organized and provoked. Didn't you know? Well, now you know ... Just do not tell anyone, please. This is a military secret. The redivision of the world is always a mystery to all, except for the remodelers themselves. It always has been, and although, it would seem, everything is already divided, but no ... Apparently, not everything.

This is me now about finances and romances to them, and not about a virus, which, by the way, is also, it is possible that it was released to the people for this: to provoke a serious blow to many economies ... If you believe in the conspiracy theory.

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Or look at it differently: he escaped from somewhere ... But the masters of economics and their shadows know their job tightly, and quickly realized what gift they were given.

So that's it. She, the crown, will be with us for some more time, perhaps quite a long time. She will scare us, intimidate, intimidate, scare away and scare us away, since a lot of interesting things can be done under this noise. Make money, adopt new laws, which will certainly be beneficial to someone ... As a rule, to those who adopt them. You can restrain the dissatisfied, put the weak on the financial needle, who will have no other choice but to agree to the terms of the side saving them. It turns out that many hundreds of thousands of people around the world will really die as a result of the virus and the accompanying diseases that it exacerbates. We understand this. More or less than and so regularly dies from any serious illness or not - I do not know. And statistics, unfortunately, cannot be trusted, since she has always been and is a prostitute, in the bad sense of the word. Who pays, she counts according to its terms ... Therefore, all figures will be according to how they "paid" ... Different, that is.

Tens and hundreds of millions will suffer from an economy bursting at the seams or temporarily stopped, although right now this may not even be visible. But visibility will appear very soon. This will most likely hit the poor countries in the first place, or as they are called, the third world countries. As if we do not live in the same world ... It will be more serious than the closure of the five largest meat processing plants, as a result of which the assortment of meat in stores has noticeably turned pale. Hundreds of millions of unemployed as a result of the paralysis, which was created by human hands, due to quarantine, will result in consequences that no one thought about when declaring quarantine. It was not up to that. And I'm not saying quarantine is a bad idea. This is exactly what other people say: the luminaries of medicine, economics, even politics. And their voices gradually, as always happens, gain strength and merge into one, already quite distinguishable, chorus.

All diseases from nerves, we remember. Therefore, problems usually descend from top to bottom, starting in the head.

Lack of work and income will lead to scandals, fights, exacerbation of situations and divorce in families, the basic cells of society. I think there will be an increase in crime and a wave of drug addiction. Now all drug producers are sitting on thousands of tons of finished goods and cannot transport them to the places of use. But when the borders open, an ocean of "cheap pleasure" will pour into the market. Stick-sniff ... I don't want to ... Millions of victims will probably be here too.

Depression takes off. It is already flying. Clinics, where psychiatrists do not have time to write prescriptions, are not idle. The turn to psychologists is two months ahead. Depression aggravates seasonal illnesses and, naturally, chronic illnesses. Those - always sit quietly and wait in the wings. And this he, his hour, is.

And when, in ten to twenty years, scientists will take statistical data (verified or not) and apply them to what is happening today, the picture will become obvious ...

Quarantine will surely save hundreds of thousands of people from premature death, but at the same time it will doom hundreds of millions of others to an epidemic of poverty and its attendant “troubles”. They are already talking about the alleged increase in suicides, which are always accompanied by economic shocks. Some simply cannot withstand the stress on the nervous system, and prefer to get rid of the unbearable stress in a simple and understandable way: taking their own lives ...

So what am I talking about?

I am about the vagueness of today and the incomprehensibility of how “tomorrow” the whole world will get out of this pit, into which he drove himself.

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Could quarantine not be started? It could be.

Would more people die from the virus? Without a doubt (although there are quite a few of those specialists in various fields of knowledge who are even now ready to challenge this thesis). But economies would probably have continued to function, as they did in real wars. In place of everyone who left (in battle or while working at a factory for the manufacture of tanks, shells and raincoats), another became another and everything continued ... until the very victory ... But, as it turned out, others decide, so we just have to be observers of development this situation. True, one of the privileges of observers is the right to witness how everything will be resolved. And it's wonderful.

But, in spite of what has been said, I still sincerely hope that all the above-mentioned assumptions will turn out to be wasted worries, that the predictors, as often have already happened, will be mistaken - and by the spring of 2021 we are talking about a virus and about the fact that it could turn the world into economic black hole, let's forget.

Everything will be left behind, we will stand up, shake off and ... roll on, where everything will be fine or even better ...

In the end - what the hell is joking while God sleeps ...

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