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'Expensive and creepy': porcelain figurines of Kate Middleton and her children horrified the public. A PHOTO


Source: Facts

Twitter user from the UK Amelia Perrin shared photos of porcelain figurines called “Young members of the royal family”, sold at TK Maxx stores.

The composition of three statuettes 15 height centimeters and cost 76 dollars depicts Kate Middleton with her older children - Prince George and Princess Charlotte, write Facts.

The prototype for this “masterpiece” was a family photo, which Cambridge published in 2015 year. The youngest child of the couple, Prince Louis, was not yet born. But why there is no porcelain Prince William - it is not clear.

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Amelia says this is probably "the worst thing she has ever seen." Netizens agree with it. The British were horrified by this interpretation of the appearance of their pets.

“There is nothing in common,” “It's just a mockery,” “Expensive and creepy. Terribly expensive, "- wrote in the comments.

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It turned out, however, that initially the price was even higher. The statute of the Duchess with children was created by the English company Royal Doulton, which manufactures dishes and souvenirs. Initially, the work was sold on the company's website at the price of 300 dollars.

“The figures are made by hand and painted by skilled artists in ceramics ... The cheerful spirit and the happy personalities of the royal family are displayed in this statuette,” the accompanying text said.

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