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Donald Trump fired his assistant for an unflattering statement about his daughter's figure



Donald Trump fired his long-time assistant, who spoke unflattering about the figure of his daughter Tiffany.


Those who occupy high positions should be especially careful in their statements. It seems that the personal assistant of Donald trump Madeleine Westerhout forgot about this rule, as a result of which she was left without work, writes

Almost immediately after receiving the presidency, Donald Trump hired Madeleine Westerhout, a personal assistant. Despite her youth, the girl never received comments from Trump and repeatedly received gratitude and promotion.


Madeleine's responsibilities included informal meetings with reporters. During them, Westerhout shared with the media the latest news from the president’s life. The girl visited a similar event the other day, meeting with correspondents at a dinner in a restaurant.

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During the meeting, the assistant was reckless to say too much about her boss. So, Madeleine boasted to reporters that her relationship with Trump is more trusting than that of his daughters. In addition, Westerhout half-jokingly admitted that the politician is embarrassed to take pictures with her daughter Tiffany, because she "has problems with being overweight."


And although the conversation between the girl and the correspondents was confidential, her words immediately leaked to the media and began to be heatedly discussed in the United States.

According to the Politico newspaper, on Thursday, Trump found out about the incident and immediately decided to dismiss Madeleine. It is known that the girl’s words insulted not only the president, but also other politicians of the White House. They quite rightly believe that Westerhout did not have the right to discuss with outsiders such details from Trump's life.

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