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Donald Trump publicly supported Melania and spoke about her hard life. VIDEO


Source: People

“She's a great first lady,” US President Donald Trump began talking about his wife Melania during an interview in Pennsylvania on Saturday.

Trump spoke about his wife’s role in fighting the opioid epidemic in the United States, praising Melania for her participation, writes People.

“Do you think her life is that simple guys? No, it’s not simple. But she is a great first lady, ”the president said.

Donald Trump continued, referring again to the work of the First Lady with his administration in connection with the opioid crisis:

“Do you think drug dealers who kill thousands of people care who is on the fight committee? The only way to solve a drug problem is to be tough. Once you catch a drug dealer, you have to take him out for a long time. ”

Trump's comment was the second statement in recent weeks, in which the president mentioned his wife during a public speech. Not so long ago, we recall, Trump joked about rumors of troubles in his marriage, as well as the constant changes in the administration. At that time, it was also about Melania.

Rumors about problems in the Trump family were exaggerated in the press and social networks more than once. This year it was about the potential connection of Donald Trump with adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2006 - allegedly in connection with this Melania almost filed for divorce. But the married couple appears together in public and does not cause others to doubt the strength of their relationship.

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