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Donald Trump responded to criticism about Melania shoes


Source: Business Insider

In an interview with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump defended his wife's style - recalling how Melania was criticized for the stiletto heels worn by the first lady during a visit to the regions affected by the hurricane. Writes about it Business Insider.

Trump said that Melania is a "private person" who "loved her old life." The President said that his wife does not need the adoration of the public, but she likes to help people. She sees how important this is, and the criticism of Melania's shoes was seriously insulted.

Recall that in August, Melania Trump was severely criticized for wearing high-heeled shoes, arriving in Texas to the victims of hurricane Harvey, despite the fact that she later changed her shoes to sneakers. Last week, arriving in Puerto Rico, the first lady also boarded a plane in her shoes, but at the spot changed her shoes into heavy boots. Timberland.

The president said that the first lady “puts on formal shoes, high heels, leaving the White House and heading to Texas, or wherever. Leaving the front door, she wants to look good. However, she can take her sneakers with her to change her shoes when we arrive in the hurricane zone. ”

Trump noted that the people they met in the affected areas did not pay attention to the first lady's heels. The President added: “People really love her. And she's a good person. "

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