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You can't go naked at home: what peculiarity of the life of Americans confused our immigrant


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Americans don't curtain their windows, and our people find this very strange. Is it easy to get used to such a feature of everyday life, says the author of the blog Made in USA at Yandex Zen.

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If you go into any room in our house, then there will certainly be curtains. Now in many homes there are also blinds, which previously could only be found in offices, but this is not the point. The main thing is that curtains are a norm at home and a part of the culture. And if you see that someone is not doing this, then at least you think they are strange. In America, we would have to consider strange, if not all, then certainly very many.

For example, one young couple lived in Los Angeles for 3 years and during this time changed 4 apartments. Young people did not really want to live in their house, since in Russia they got used to apartments and decided to live in the same conditions in America.

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In general, everything suited them - in the last two complexes on the territory there was a gym, a swimming pool and other amenities. However, there was one thing - the curtains on the windows. And even if in the last couple of years it no longer worried them, in the first year it came to ridiculous.

It would seem that what is the problem: how can young people walk around the house, say, not very dressed? In Russia they did it without any problems, but there were curtains, unlike in the USA, where not only were the windows without curtains, in addition they are large, and literally everything can be seen through them! Naturally, they only had to walk around the house well dressed, but there was no question of having fun in any of the rooms. Of course, it was possible to hang curtains, but doing this in rented apartments is very difficult.

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However, over time, they got used to it and realized that the people outside the window for the most part do not care who is wearing what and who is doing what there. They themselves, too, at first saw enough of everyone's neighbors, but then they simply forgot how to pay attention to it. But in some houses there are even windows in the bathrooms, and they are not curtained either!

Many will think that this is accepted in our country because people are afraid to be “furnished”, so they hide their property behind curtains. But firstly, in the States, crime also exists, and secondly, in Japan, which is much more prosperous from this point of view, everything is much worse - there the windows to the crowded side are generally made opaque or overwhelmed by something, thus shielding themselves from the outside world. So this kind of openness in the United States is just typical of the locals. Well, we have to get used to it.

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