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Daughters of Russian rich who could not become stars


Source: Rambler

That is what may be lacking for people who are full of money? Probably fame. It is logical that more or less pretty daughters of rich people dream of being bright stars. Capital owners are ready for any financial recklessness.

But not everything in this world is bought. Anews recalled wealthy beauties who could not unwind, despite the generous patronage. In addition to our daughters, we have included in our gallery one languid Rublev wife, quoting Rambler.

Lena Zosimova

The daughter of the powerful 90's producer Boris Zosimov may well be called the standard of the then unpretentious pop music: pretty, but with "no" vocal abilities. Although the voice itself was no worse than that of other one-day stars, it was not enough for Lena's work to reach millions of souls.

Technically, everything possible was done for promotion. Young Zosimova's melodies were performed by megapopular Bogdan Titomir and Vladimir Presnyakov, Igor Nikolaev, Alexander Ivanov (“Rondo”) and Dmitry Malikov wrote songs, actors and models were featured in expensive videos.

They say that there was even an agreement to shoot with Michael Jackson, who for a million dollars had to walk his famous “moon walk” behind Lena’s back. But the project failed due to the 1998 crisis of the year.

The author of many songs of Soviet and Russian rock groups, an influential showbiz figure Sergei Mirov, wrote in his book “Resurrection” that Boris Zosimov “was not able to unleash his pretty daughter Lena at the beginning of 90's, possessing almost unlimited financial and media resource. "

At the same time, the first general producer of Russian MTV 90, Dmitry Velikanov, where Zosimova worked for some time, recalls something else: “Lena, by the way, was a completely separate creative unit, which dad had no influence on the promotion. I remember her clips of those times - quite “our format”. She didn’t have spit-raisers, she is a good and responsible person and was part of our team. ”

The opinions of ordinary listeners are also divided. Some people sympathize with it nostalgically, others recall jokes and anecdotes about her short singing career. For example, from the KVN of those years: “Lena Zosimova is better to see a hundred times than to hear once”.

The last song Zosimova recorded 15 years ago, the producer was Maxim Fadeev. But her third planned album never came out.

September 11 to Elena Zosimova will be 43 of the year. She is married to an individual entrepreneur Mikhail Henkin. A few years ago, she and her father had a share in the Henkin business in supplying food to restaurants. Now as co-owners do not appear.

Kira Plastinina

Not long ago, the pink logo of the Kira Plastinina clothing brand was flaunted in dozens of shopping centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Hundreds of “style studios” (as shops were pathetically called) worked throughout Russia and the CIS, as well as in the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and China.

The daughter of the milk king Sergey Plastinin, who dreamed of being a princess as a child, by the time of 18 had already been ruled by a huge fashion empire in which generous dad invested at least 5 billion rubles.

Ex-co-owner of Wimm-Bill-Dann believed in his daughter's rare design talent after seeing her children's sketches of dresses for Barbie. When he organized her first podium show at 2007, she was only 14 years old.

“The youngest fashion designer in the world” provided the most powerful advertising support. Her clothes were decorated with participants of the most popular Star Factory at that time, Western stars were brought to the opening of boutiques for huge fees, and Cyrus herself became the main character in fashion magazines and advanced participant in Russian Fashion Weeks, regularly receiving prestigious prizes.

According to reporters, Paris Hilton was the most expensive "girlfriend" of the Russian prodigy of fashion, who was paid $ 2 million for getting closer to Kira and carrying things in her name.

Later, Kira wanted Britney Spears to become the face of her brand. Girls organized a meeting during the Moscow tour of the singer in 2011-m.

Supposedly, Britney also received a generous fee for agreeing to a tea party and a tour of the design studio. But the collaboration never took place.
All this bloated success story ended in 2017, when the court declared Kira Plastinina’s company bankrupt. The brand never began to develop independently. As it turned out, never since the founding of this grand business has not been a plus, but the losses were astronomical amounts. Cover them had a millionaire dad.

And 26-year-old Kira is now married to an American accountant and teaches a course on fashion business in one of the colleges of Dallas. Neither she nor her father no longer have any relation to what remains of the Kira Plastinina brand.

Nastya Kudri

Ural metallurgical tycoon Igor Kudryashkin also does not spare any money trying to build his only daughter on the musical Olympus.

Three years ago, the dollar billionaire bought a radio station on the Moscow frequency, where Nastina songs, which had only been played on the Internet before, often spin on the air and with enviable consistency fall into the hit parade. This radio station distributes its awards, by analogy with the "Golden Gramophone" from the "Russian Radio". And guess who became the winner last year on a par with Sergey Lazarev and Polina Gagarina.

Youth idols are involved in cooperation with Nastya, from rapper Kravets to Alexei Vorobiev. And recently she has been patronized by megastar Instagram and the newly made singer Olga Buzova.

With the support of millions of fans of Buzova, Nastya Kudri can now even afford the first solo concert in the capital club. Her brilliant friend, of course, is declared as a teaser.

However, if Buzova, in the absence of vocal abilities, has some kind of charisma and uniqueness, then the assets of the 22-year-old Nastya have only a father’s fat wallet. So with all her efforts, even in social networks, an equal success is unlikely to be expected.


It is not known for certain how much money Ukrainian construction magnate Alexander Chvikov has invested in the promotion of his daughter. But he obviously tried to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a singer, helping him to make her way into show business since 11. He arranged advertising shootings for her, promoted her songs on local radio stations and television channels, financed the recording of discs.

In 16 years, Sasha-Alex went to conquer Moscow and was selected for the Star Factory under the direction of Igor Krutoy. The audience liked a pretty girl with velvety notes in her voice, but even more popular with her was the affair with another participant in the TV project, rapper Timati.

Alex did not win the victory, but Steep saw the potential in it and began to produce it. To make her daughter comfortable to build a career away from home, her parents gave her a three-room apartment in the Russian capital. All conditions were created for success, but in the end nothing came of it. It remains only to wonder why. One of the versions in the media - that Alex, accustomed to immediately get what she wanted, could not work with anyone.

After Krutoy, producers Yana Rudkovskaya and Alexander Seltsov were in charge of promoting the singer, but dad continued to pay for the release of her new albums and clips.
The latter was recorded in 2011 year.

Although, since then, Alex has been maintaining friendships with the most influential people in the starry get-together, it seems that she had had dreams about the stage.

29 is now Alex’s married husband and selling jewelry of her own design. And former fans do not get tired of discussing her current appearance: in their opinion, she didn’t increase her lips and began to prick Botox.

Alena Kravets

We conclude our list is not a daughter, but the wife of a fat cat. On her website, she calls herself "a professional vocalist, professional film actor and professional model." In reality, her clips on YouTube collect much more dizlicas than “like” marks, and a lot of comments like: “Lord, another oligarch's voiceless wife. Well, where is her singing? Money to the fig, but there is no talent. "

The oligarch in this case is a certain Ruslan Kravets, who is called a multimillionaire in the media. On what he earns, no one really knows, but it is obvious that he is more than able to pay for his wife’s career and leisure.

True, 33-year-old Alain secured fame not by singing or acting, but by participating in scandalous talk shows. A couple of years ago, she showed a lantern under her eye on television and mournfully told how her husband beat her out of jealousy.
Spouses also turned their divorce into a gambling show. Then the diva with Rublevki shocked the people with stories about how in one day she could drop a million rubles to beauty salons, record songs and gifts for an 10-year-old daughter, or how she controls numerous servants in her mansion in 1000 square. meters

Well, the main triumph of Alena Kravets this year was a re-marriage with a former husband-fighter, which was widely highlighted by the tabloids. That is such an artistic career.

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