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The daughter of the 'Dancing Millionaire' was born with a 'cleft palate': what is this feature


Source: StarHit

Two months ago, 53-year-old Gianluca first became a dad, which he immediately told his audience. Wakki and his chosen one Sharon Fonseca tried to hide the face of their daughter, who was named Blue Jerusalema, says StarHit.


On the eve, the lovers still shared a picture of the baby, who was born with a feature that is invisible in appearance.

A happy family adorned the cover of the gloss, on which you can see the heiress of the "Dancing Millionaire". By the way, the newly-made parents do not hide the fact that they have finally found the long-awaited happiness, and after all, until recently, Wakki did not plan to become a father at all.

“It is with great love that we want to share the story of the birth of our Blue Jerusalem. We are happy that you can finally see her. Blue was born with a cleft palate (a cleft in the middle of the palate - approx.).


Our heart and soul were with our daughter, but also with those families who are faced with the same situation, because this happens with one child out of 700. We are lucky with an excellent team of doctors, they will soon perform an operation to help our daughter live a normal life life.

But not all families have such an opportunity, so we decided to talk more about it and support foundations that help such families, ”Vakka decided on the revelation.

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Recall that Wakki and Fonseca began dating three years ago.

Sharon became the only girl with whom he wanted to build a family and become a dad.

What is a cleft palate?

As Wikipedia writes, a cleft palate, or cheiloschisis, is a rupture, a cleft in the middle part of the palate, resulting from the failure of two halves of the palate or two processes of the upper jaw during embryonic development. It is also possible acquired cleft palate as a result of neoplastic, infectious processes or physical damage. In this case, only part of the palate may be affected (for example, only the soft palate or the uvula of the palate), or the cleft may extend along the entire length, combined with clefts in the front of the upper jaw.

In the arsenal of today's medicine, there are several plastic surgery techniques to correct maxillofacial defects. The most effective is cheiloplasty - correction of the upper lip, and uranoplasty - correction of the palate. Surgical operations are performed, as a rule, in stages, depending on the degree of pathology: in some cases, to achieve the best result, 2-3 interventions are enough, in others - 5-7 or more.

Experts disagree on the age at which to carry out uranoplasty and cheiloplasty: some doctors prefer to have the operation at 3-6 months, others at a later date.

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