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The daughter of a Russian oligarch shocked economy class passengers



The daughter of a Russian oligarch and developer Alexander Chigirinsky 17-year-old Irina told how shocked the flight was in economy class. Writes, the girl did not know that not only her family, but also quite ordinary people could be in the cabin of the liner.



This event in the girl's life happened at the age of 14. As Ira herself says, “she didn’t risk that anymore.”

“I get on the plane - I see a lot of people there. And to the entire cabin for the flight attendant: “What, these people will all fly with us?”, - the girl shares her memories.

But Ira has not only "horror stories" in stock, but also good stories. The girl said that her brother, at the insistence of his father, went to work as a janitor in the village on Rublevka, and now “owns one of the largest waste processing companies”.

One of the subscribers also asked where she got the Birkin bag for 500 thousand rubles.

“570, to be precise ..., - corrects Chigirinskaya, and then, making a“ goat ”with her hand, explains: - Well, probably because my dad is Alexander Chigirinsky, yeah.”

Irina's father Alexander Chigirinsky is one of the largest developers in Moscow.

Note that Chigirinsky is the founder of the development company “Snegiri”

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