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The daughter of the founder of the "Turetsky Choir" repeated a magnificent wedding in Georgia. PHOTO, VIDEO


Source: Tatler

Most recently, Moscow hosted a luxurious wedding of Mikhail Turetsky's 20-year-old daughter Sarina with the heir to the dynasty of Georgian restaurateurs Tornike Tsertsvadze. But the young people did not stop at one wedding - the celebration continued in Georgia on an even larger scale, - reports Tatler.

In Mtskheta, the ancient capital of this beautiful and hospitable country, the young chose the Gujari restaurant, which was luxuriously decorated for the celebration. Expensive carpets were spread everywhere, flowers and fruit baskets were placed (and even wove them into decor items), the organ-grinder met the guests.

At the wedding, traditional Georgian dishes were served, decorated in the appropriate style: for example, photographs of the main heroes of the occasion were placed on wine bottles. Traditionally, the young people walked through a "corridor" of daggers crossed over their heads - an essential element of a Georgian wedding.

Sarina Turetskaya came out to the guests in a magnificent dress by Monique Lhuillier, decorated with flowers made of natural silk. In a special film about the newlyweds in the style of Chanel roller, Tornike and Sarina were kissing on the roof and on the stage of an empty theater.

The program also included the Georgian dance, which the youngsters had learned - the bride and groom put on national costumes especially for this performance.

What is a wedding without music? And even a wedding in Georgia, where the bride is the daughter of a national artist? There was an abundance of music - guests were pampered with choral singing and classical compositions, and a guest Georgian ensemble performed traditional songs. Everyone sang - from the bride's younger sisters to her 92-year-old grandfather.

Georgians have always been famous for their attitude to those who were invited to their home: it is known that for them the guest is the main object of attention and respect that has traditionally been honored. Guests from the USA, Russia and Israel arrived at the wedding.

The banquet of Sarina and Tornike gathered 750 people, a little less than the Moscow wedding party. The lush celebration lasted a long time, in the best traditions of Georgia: in this hospitable country, the fun about the wedding can last for several days and nights.

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