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The daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya fled to the United States after a scandal: what happened


Source: Rambler

The daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya Tatyana Plaksina fled Russia after the scandalous interview on NTV, "Rambler".


According to the singer, Tatyana left for the USA with her father, taking the money that NTV paid her for the interview.

“Yes, she no longer lives in Russia. She made such a decision herself, I did not keep it. She said: “Please, go to America!” I paid for the tickets, she took the amount of money that NTV gave her for the sales information, and left for her dad, ”Ouspenskaya told the Interlocutor.

According to the singer, now her daughter has “complete freedom”, which she so dreamed about. At the same time, Ouspenskaya noted that Tatyana always had freedom.

“I wanted her to recover and complete the operations, which are very important for her. So that she again becomes a beautiful girl, self-confident. Because of this, I kept her near me, ”said Lyubov Uspenskaya.

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According to the singer, she will be happy if her daughter proves that she does not need her.

Earlier, the only daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya, Tatyana Plaksina, on air of the program “The Stars Came Together” on NTV, accused her mother of abuse. The singer herself said that after a serious accident in which Tatyana fell, “that state of mind shook”.

“Mom would lock the door with a key and start choking me,” the girl said on the show.


Ouspenskaya admitted that she and Tatyana had a falling out recently. The girl left home, and then appeared on a scandalous show, writes TVC.

“They took away her phones, kept her in hotels, and hid her. She was as if under hypnosis, said terrible things that I strangled her, locked her with a key, threatened to send her to a psychiatric hospital. It didn't happen! I would never do that in my life. She is the most sacred thing in my life ”, - quotes the singer

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TV presenter Oscar Kuchera has denied Uspenskaya’s words that she and her colleagues held her daughter hostage. According to him, Tatyana came to them for transmission voluntarily. The television people decided to help her with the operation after the accident. At the same time, Kuchera doubted that Lyubov Uspenskaya tortured her only daughter.

“Because I know Lyuba, and it seems to me that she is not the person that her daughter introduced her to. It seems to me that Tatyana is really unwell and ... a difficult situation, to be honest, ”said the TV presenter.

Later, Tatiana herself apologized to her mother on Instagram, accusing “dishonest people” of everything.

"Dear Mom. Sorry for the stupidity. I'm on my knees before you for the rest of my days. I regret that I gave vent to emotions at such a difficult moment for us, and dishonest people took advantage of this, ”Tatiana wrote on Instagram.

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