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Daughter Alsou won the show 'Voice. Children ': singer's assistant shocked by family harassment



Assistant singer Alsou, who went into deep defense after the victory of her daughter in the show “Voice. Children, ”for the first time commented on the outbreak of scandal and a flurry of criticism that hit the singer's family.

Nina Ponomareva admitted that she was shocked by the shaft of negativity, criticism and threats to the stellar family.
She shared her thoughts on this subject on a page on the social network Facebook, writes

She noted that she is shocked by the huge number of critics, accusations and even threats that come to the star not only from the public, but also from Alsou colleagues in show business.

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“That amount of nastiness, threats, negativity, slops and accusations from absolutely all the cracks, including from the colleagues we work with, communicate, make friends, because of the simple victory of the child! The child who dreamed about this project since five years. Which plays several musical instruments, which works every day, which is engaged, sings, dances and sleeps and sees itself on stage. Is this fair? ”, - official Alsou is indignant.

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The official representative of the singer is sure that at the present time all the accusations are poured in solely to accuse. At the same time, Mikella herself is not to blame for anything, but the common opinion that if there is money besides talent, everything is immediately bought - nothing more than a silly cliche. In addition, Ponomareva admitted that the final was a big surprise for them, they could not have imagined that the audience would vote for Mikella. Because, they say, did not even prepare the final song.

Then assistant Alsou admits that she personally would have given her vote for Mikella in any case. And not because she is better than the others, but because "that Aguilera is growing out of people like her," because the singer's daughter is a "diverse, cool girl." Nina Ponomareva also expressed the hope that everything that happened would not discourage the girl from wanting to sing.

It is noteworthy that the last remark of the official representative Alsou did not remain without ironic comments. One of the subscribers attached a video clip of the world famous American singer Christina Aguilera, offering to compare voices.

“Well, and Christina Aguilera in your tape, just in case for a good evening. Suddenly you have never heard it, since you compared the vocalist with a coloratura soprano and a four-octave range with the current winner of the Voice, ”the author notes.

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Recall that immediately after the results of the music contest became known, the Internet literally began to break the angry comments of viewers, who called the victory of their daughter Alsou a shame. It was noted that the singer "buried" a popular show, which, after such a scandal, you just need to close.

In addition, representatives of Channel One almost immediately after the show began to double-check the results due to a suspiciously “abnormal” voting result. At that time, not only ordinary viewers, but also the stars, were divided into two camps, the ranks of which, it should be noted, were far from being equal. Most also criticized the victory of Mikella Abramova, and only a few expressed support for the daughter of their colleague in the shop.

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