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Dmitry Shepelev will become a father again: how his son reacted from Zhanna Friske


Source: TSN

Host Dmitry Shepelev, who two years ago for the first time after the death of Zhanna Friske introduced his chosen one, shared the good news, writes TSN.


Dmitry and his fiancee designer Ekaterina Tulupova are preparing to become parents. Shepelev reported the good news to Peopletalk.

For the couple, this will be the first common child. The presenter shared that he felt calmer and more confident compared to the sensations when his first-born Plato was born.

“The most important feeling is, of course, great joy. I cannot compare any other event in my life with this. I'm just very happy. The day Katya and I learned that we would become parents, I felt dizzy and light at the same time. Awesome! All the next days, I listen to myself, and, of course, now, if compared with the expectation of the first child, I feel calmer and more confident, ”Dmitry shared.

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Note that now the couple is raising two children - the son of Shepelev and Zhanna Friske, 7-year-old Plato and daughter Lada from Catherine's previous relationship. As Dmitry admitted, he and Catherine very carefully informed the children about the addition to the family:

“We acted very carefully, because we understood that there was hardly a happy child who would say:“ Yes, of course, I really want a brother or sister! I can’t wait for him to rummage through my things, cry at night and stop me and my dad from snowboarding. ” Of course, when we gave up the fishing rod for the first time, the children answered us categorically: “No, thank you, don’t, we are fine.” Now, many months later, the children are on our side and are waiting for the baby to appear as a new adventure, ”said Dmitry.

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