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Why did Trump persuade Ivanka to enlarge breasts when she was a teenager?


Source: The Daily Mail

Donald Trump, president of the United States and father of five children, persuaded his eldest daughter Ivanka to insert breast implants when she was a teenager.


About this told in his book about Trump Emilia Jane Fox, writes The Daily Mail. At that time, fifteen-year-old Ivanka planned to make a model career, like her mother Ivan Zelnichkova, which her father strongly encouraged. He also told his daughter that silicone breasts will contribute to her career in the future.

Ivanka already had a contract with a well-known modeling agency. Probably a successful businessman and connoisseur of female beauty, Trump decided that he was giving his daughter good advice - despite the fact that such operations were not performed for teenagers.


According to the author of the book, Donald Trump stopped persuading Ivanka to undergo surgery only when his older sister Marianne called him “in despair” and said that the intervention would “destroy” the girl.


Ivanka has always been a special child for Trump, the author notes. The girl inherited business qualities from her father, and from her mother - an attractive appearance and a good figure. Ivanka graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, worked as a model, was the owner of a jewelry company.


Many media outlets are sure that Ivanka nevertheless enlarged her breasts, but she did it much later, as an adult woman. She is also “credited” with changing the shape of the chin with the help of an implant, correcting the shape of the nose and “beauty injections”.

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