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What Americans are buying Vaseline for: 30 ingenious tips


A source: Money Talks News

One day in 1859, the young chemist Robert Chesbrough visited Titusville, Pennsylvania. He noticed that the oil workers were using some kind of waxy substance to close small wounds on the skin. This wax was obtained from vacuum-distillate petroleum fractions and, in fact, was a waste product. Chesbrough was intrigued. He began refining the composition and in 1870 introduced the product to the public. It was called "Miracle Jelly", but in 1872 it was called "Vaseline".

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Although it is now produced by other companies under different names, most Americans and immigrants still refer to it as Vaseline (from the German wasser, "water" and the Greek elaion, "olive oil"). Most likely, you grew up in a house where there was such a jar, writes Money Talks News. And it is still the most useful and multifunctional ointment: there are at least thirty different ways that will be useful to you every day.

1. Dried water on the furniture

You, of course, noticed the dried circles from the water on the tables or other wooden surfaces? Apply a little Vaseline on such stains, for the most persistent, leave overnight. Also for this purpose you can use mayonnaise.

2. Stuck zips

Just lubricate the "teeth" with petroleum jelly, and when the walker is free, move it several times in both directions.

3. Cheeky squirrels

Use petrolatum to keep the squirrel at a distance from the bird feeder. Smear it on a rack or trunk and the squirrels will not be able to climb on slippery surfaces. WD-40 will also do the task.

4. Sticking stickers

Regardless of how often you say not to do this, children still stick stickers to the doors and furniture. To gently remove the sticker, spread it with Vaseline, and after a couple of hours, scrape off the excess with a credit card and remove the sticker. By the way, this also works for price tags (no one should know what you paid for this cute gift of all 50 cents).

5. Make up remover

Out of a makeup remover? Gently apply a small amount of Vaseline on your face, then wipe it off with a soft cloth along with make-up.

6. Unruly hair

Vaseline works just as well as styling gel - rub just a little bit of Vaseline in your hands and smooth flying strands. Also, the tool will help to make the eyebrows neater, but when you lubricate the hairs, draw a line from the wide part of the eyebrow to the narrow one.

7. Chrome finish

Lubricate the metal parts of bicycles, strollers, lawn mowers and other equipment with petroleum jelly to protect them from rust during winter storage.

8. Sensitive paws

Before taking your dog for a walk in the snow, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) suggests smearing petroleum jelly on your dog's tender paw pads. This will protect them from salt or snow chemicals.

9. Rough skin of the feet

A mask of a dense layer of Vaseline before going to bed plus socks at night - although the sensations are peculiar, you will quickly get used to it, and the result will not be long in coming. In the morning you will be surprised how soft the skin has become even after the first treatment.

10. Flying insects

Do flies fly into the house every time someone opens the door? Make your own sticky trap: Lubricate the paper strips with petroleum jelly and hang it in strategic places.

11. Earrings do not want to wear

Rub the vaseline tips on the earrings to facilitate their penetration into the ear.

12. The shower curtain does not slip

Wipe the bar in the shower or bath with a thin layer of vaseline to help the rings slide freely when you open or close the curtain.

13. Hurts nose to breathe

During cold or due to dry air, nose pain may occur if inhaled. Carefully apply a small amount of Vaseline to protect dry skin from moisture and friction. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

14. Stubborn rings

If your finger is swelling and does not allow you to remove the ring, lubricate it with petroleum jelly and carefully continue to try.

15. Squeaky hinges

Do you have squeaky or hard hinges on cabinets or doors? Petroleum jelly works just as well as WD-40 and is odorless.

16. Pipes do not connect

Apply some Vaseline to the pipe threads to make the connection easier. But do not use it on rubber or latex elements, as this will eventually destroy them.

17. Dry skin

Are lips dry and flaky? Create an exfoliating scrub by mixing Vaseline with sugar. This composition can also be used for body scrub or scrub massage.

18. Blisters on the legs

Apply a little Vaseline on the parts of your shoes that rub your feet. The American Academy of Dermatology says it helps prevent friction and, consequently, blistering.

19. Spirits evaporate quickly

Before spraying perfume or toilet water on yourself, wipe the desired areas of the skin with petroleum jelly. This will allow the fragrance to stay on the body longer.


20. Rust marks

Grate the metal bottle of shaving cream or deodorant with Vaseline to the bottom to prevent the bottom of the can from rusting and, as a result, the appearance of rusty circles on the shelves in the bathroom.

21. Rusting garden items

After the gardening season is over, wash and dry spatulas, rakes and other garden tools. Then apply a thin layer of Vaseline on the metal parts to prevent corrosion and rust.

22. Leather things

Shoes made of artificial or patent leather, a leather jacket, a belt or a bag - all this instantly brightens up and looks better after you rub a little Vaseline into the item using a soft, lint-free cloth.

23. Faded eyeshadow or mascara

Treat eyeshadow with makeup base and then mix a small amount of Vaseline into your eyeshadow. The result is a much more expressive look. Or just use Vaseline as a make-up. By applying it to the eyelashes, you will get a darker shade.

24. Making fire

To make a fire faster, prepare in advance several cotton balls soaked with petroleum jelly and put them in a paper bag. Set it on fire and add some wood.

25. Fishing knives

If you love fishing, apply Vaseline to your fishing knives before storing them in your pantry. They won't rust by next season.

26. Eczema Risk

Quoting a study published in the medical journal JAMA Pediatrics, the Mayo Clinic reported that daily lubrication of newborn's skin with petroleum jelly in the first six months of life can reduce the risk of eczema, which affects up to 30% of children.

27. Halloween Pumpkin

Have you ever carved pumpkins too early and found something shriveled instead of beautiful lanterns closer to the holiday itself? Next time, try applying a thin layer of Vaseline around the carved areas to keep the pumpkin in good shape.

28. Chewing gum in hair

This is not uncommon for those with children. Rub the petroleum jelly into the desired section of the hair and repeat until the slimy piece slides off.

29. New baseball gloves

A new glove can be quite stiff and difficult to use. Apply petroleum jelly, rub it in well, then fasten the glove around the ball so that it gets the right shape and softens. Hold it like that for a while.

30. Dried refrigerator strip

Lubricate the rubber strip glued from the inside of the refrigerator door with a thin layer of vaseline. It will soften and hold the door well again.

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