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Nutritionists talked about how to lose weight effortlessly 14 days after self-isolation


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Dietitians from the British Cambridge Weight Plan center told how you can lose weight 14 days after self-isolation. Their recommendations were published by The Mirror, writes "".

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Researchers claim that almost half of Britons grew fat during the period of self-isolation, as many began to move less, drink more and seize stress with junk food. They called a way in which people can quickly get in shape.

First of all, nutritionists advise to abandon dishes and semi-finished products delivered from restaurants in favor of self-cooked home-made food. Experts recommend adhering to the Mediterranean diet.

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“This means eating a lot of lean protein foods: chicken, fish, eggs, beans and lentils. It is necessary to cook in olive oil. You should also include more fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates such as whole grain bread in your menu, ”says Cambridge Weight Plan nutritionist Linda Foster.

Foster explained that these foods fill the body with energy and dull the feeling of hunger, while fruits and vegetables prevent dehydration. At the same time, you need to eat more vegetables than fruits, however, completely abandon potatoes.

She also advised drinking as much water, tea, herbal decoctions and coffee as possible. Foster emphasized that for the time being, alcohol and fast carbohydrates such as cookies and other sweets, as well as excess salt and sugar, should be abandoned.

The nutritionist noted that a sharp change in eating habits can lead to stress, so at least ten minutes a day should be devoted to your favorite relaxing activity, whether it be meditation, taking a bath or reading a good book.

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Foster noted that diets can be followed for longer than two weeks. In this case, you can eat something sweet and drink a glass of wine two or three times a week.

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