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The nutritionist of Russian celebrities told what vitamin helps to lose weight



The well-known nutritionist Margarita Koroleva, with the help of which Russian celebrities are successfully losing weight, is constantly sharing with her subscribers useful recommendations about what and in what quantities it is good to eat and which foods should be excluded from the diet. The purpose of these tips is a beautiful figure and, as a result, a healthy body.

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This time, the expert noted the role of vitamin D in losing weight, writes Margarita Koroleva recalled his already known qualities:

• ensures normal growth and development of bones

  • prevents the appearance of rickets and osteoporosis by regulating mineral metabolism
  • promotes muscle tone
  • increases immunity
  • contributes to the functioning of the thyroid gland and normal blood clotting
  • helps the body repair the protective sheaths that cover the nerves
  • participates in the regulation of vascular tone, blood pressure and heart rate
  • supports the health of the brain and all its functions
  • inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

A popular nutritionist noted another role of vitamin D. According to Margarita Koroleva, it affects the dynamics of excess body fat.

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“A study was conducted on the example of more than 4000 volunteers, which showed that a sufficient level of 25 (OH) or vitamin D3 in blood serum allows you to achieve greater weight loss, of course, while observing the rules of good nutrition and sports,” said the nutritionist. - The difference in lost kilograms is on average more than 9 kg per year! By the way, it is vitamin D deficiency that researchers are ready to explain the seasonal weight gain in humans, since its main source is ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. Additional sources of vitamin D are foods such as fatty fish from the northern seas, egg yolk, wild cod liver, and fatty dairy products (if tolerated). ”

The nutritionist recommends taking D3 vitamin in the form of drops filled with fat capsules or high-quality liquid fish oil. Consult a physician before taking it.

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