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The nutritionist told who it is dangerous to eat tangerines


Source: Evening Moscow

Finally, the long-awaited season of tangerines begins, the smell of which many associate with the New Year and cozy home gatherings when it snows outside the window.

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Evening Moscow spoke with nutritionist Elena Solomatina, who spoke about the benefits of this fruit and how many tangerines can be eaten per day without harm to health.

- Tangerines can and should be consumed. They contain a huge amount of vitamins, micro and macro elements, antioxidants. These citrus fruits contain substances that inhibit the growth of fungi and have a bactericidal effect. There are also dietary fibers that remove excess cholesterol and have a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, in particular on the intestines. Tangerines are especially useful in the autumn-winter period, during the season of viral diseases. This fruit contains beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A. And the brighter the color of the tangerine, the more beta-carotene, which is necessary for the renewal of mucous membranes. This is the first aid for the immune system. Tangerines are useful even for the heart - they have a lot of potassium, which strengthens the heart muscle, removes excess fluid. And in the white film, which many people throw away, contains an antioxidant.

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- To whom is this fruit contraindicated?

- With caution, it should be used by those who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, high acidity. And even more undesirable to eat tangerines on an empty stomach. Many brew crusts, but here it must be remembered that many tangerines, especially imported ones, are treated with antifungal agents that can adversely affect our health. If the fruit shines brightly, it is not worth brewing. It is also better not to drink juice, but to consume the whole mandarin, in this case, sugars will not affect the pancreas, increase the level of glucose - it is in the fiber contained in the slices.

Solomatina noted that the average safe amount of tangerines that can be eaten per day is 2-3 pieces. Of course, someone can eat half a kilo, but it depends on how many sugars a person consumes per day, as well as on his state of health.

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