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Nutritionist named the most useful and dangerous chocolate additives


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The healthiest chocolate is bitter, containing at least 75 percent cocoa beans. Natalia Nefedova, a nutritionist, nutritionist, member of the Association of Dietitians of Canada, told about this, writes Bublik delphi.

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At the same time, nuts will be the best filling for such a delicacy.

“They are, of course, very fat in themselves, but this is good, healthy fat. Bitter chocolate contains theobromine, which is quite a useful substance, it also contains zinc and magnesium. And nuts contain healthy fats, irreplaceable omega-3, ”explained the expert.

At the same time, among the dangerous fillings, the doctor named exotic additives: pepper, ginger, rose petals.

Nefedova explained that if the chocolate was made in cheap mass production, then these fillings cannot be natural.

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The nutritionist also answered the question of whether you can eat a whole bar of chocolate in a day.

According to her, each person has a different rate of kilocalories per day. And if a person does not engage in heavy physical activity, then a whole bar of chocolate is likely to go into extra pounds due to exceeding the daily calorie intake.

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