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Diet Megan Markle: the perfect figure for the royal wedding


Source: Insider

After the wedding with Prince Harry, American actress Megan Markle is waiting for a big change - and now she has to change her daily habits. But what Megan is unlikely to change is his food. Insider I learned that the future princess is eating and drinking in order to remain slim and healthy.

Megan, who previously ran her own blog on The Tig lifestyle, has often shared her attitude to food, drink and cooking. How does Miss Markle eat?

She likes cooking at home.

Megan is not a casual person in the kitchen. When she doesn’t prepare the family Thanksgiving turkey, Markle can cook the creamy zucchini sauce for pasta. The love of cooking at the Prince's bride - from childhood.

“I grew up on Married With Children, where my father was the main light,” she said. - Sometimes he asked me to help the staff who prepared food and snacks for the shooting. So I started learning about cooking and serving food. ”

She likes wine

Like Queen Elizabeth II, Markle enjoys quality alcoholic beverages. Favorite version - "beautiful red wine", she especially likes Tignanello, in honor of whom the girl once called her blog.

Megan recommends doing what you like - but within reasonable limits. According to Markle, she chooses "eating style", not "diet", because she does not want to feel deprived of any favorite foods or drinks.

She also loves green juices.

Green drinks are part of the Markle lifestyle.

“It's easy to get tempted and get drunk on coffee when you wake up at 4am. But if I mix apple, cabbage, spinach, lemon and ginger, I always agree - it's a better option for energy than espresso, ”says Megan.

She also recommends varying the ingredients, for example, adding apples or almond milk.

During filming she is strict to herself

When Markle starred in the movie, she left home on 4: 15 in the morning. The actress began the day with hot water with lemon, and then ate oatmeal and banana for breakfast. In addition to the green juice in the morning, she really likes pasta with wine for dinner. Lunch, as a rule, contains fish and vegetables.

At the weekend she relaxes

When Megan has the opportunity to relax and there is no filming, she can afford small nutritional weaknesses - for example, french fries. For breakfast on such days, Markle chooses an omelet and toast, for dinner he prefers something light, such as vegetable soup.

She listens to her body

Sometimes Markl wants something sweet, but most of the time she keeps her usual diet with fish and vegetables.

“I try to avoid things that make me feel sleepy or lethargic,” admits Megan.

It's about gluten. According to the future princess, the rejection of gluten-containing products has significantly changed the state of her skin and the overall level of energy. But in secret, Markl said that she would never miss a chance to try a good pasta during a trip abroad.

As writes edition FrauflugerRecently, Miss Markle has seriously attended to "polishing" the figure for the wedding, which will take place on May 19, 2018. Megan signed up for a yoga and Pilates course in London, and also added broccoli and soups to her diet - said the owner of the cafe, where the prince's bride repeatedly dined.

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