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Diana, Kate and Megan: damned stones in the rings of women of the royal family



Ruby and sapphire are forbidden, and girls' best friends are diamonds. This axiom is confirmed by the history of the engagement stones of the British royal family.

Why do members of the British royal family refuse rubies and sapphires in engagement rings? As history shows, these are the most unlucky stones for the Windsor family, writes

It all started back in 1891, when Prince Albert Victor offered his hand and heart to the grandmother of Elizabeth II, Victoria Maria of Tex. Albert was the direct heir to the throne after the ruling queen. Together with the future title, the prince gave the bride a beautiful ring with oval rubies with a scattering of small diamonds between them.

Victoria agreed, the royal house was preparing for the wedding, but suddenly the prince fell ill with the flu and passed away on January 14, six weeks before the wedding. He was only 28 years old. So Victoria Maria became a widow, not yet becoming a wife.

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More than 50 years passed before the Windsor princess dared to put the engagement ring with a ruby ​​on her finger again. She was Margaret, the younger sister of the now-reigning Queen Elizabeth II. They say the princess married a photographer in spite of a real lover who married another. Margaret received a ring with a ruby ​​rose in honor of her second name - Rose. But all signs of attention could not cause in Margaret love for her husband. The principle of "endured - falling in love" did not work, a couple of ugly scandalous during all the 18 years of their marriage.

Sarah is an unfaithful wife for an unfaithful husband.

The bright large Burmese ruby ​​was chosen by the prince in love with Andrew, the Duke of York (the second son of Elizabeth II. - Ed.) Not by accident. He was in perfect harmony with the red hair of the future Lady Windsor. Garrard's jewelers surrounded the ruby ​​with ten diamonds, and the prince put the ring on Sarah Ferguson's finger, hoping for a long and happy life together.

Hope to come true was not destined. The marriage fell apart in less than six years. Even 4, the divorce procedure lasted - the royals are always all difficult in terms of compliance with the rules and conventions. The official reason for the divorce is considered too free behavior of Sarah and her adventures "on the side." But Elizabeth somehow joked that these two "are standing one another as if they were picked up by a computer." So Andrew was not holy.

After this divorce, Sarah was able to re-establish relations with the family of her ex-husband. But before the second wedding it never came. But now a secret taboo has been imposed on the ruby ​​jewelry as the engagement ring at Windsor: three matches are already a regularity.

Sapphire for deceived wives: Elizabeth

Elizabeth, Queen Mother. Photo: video frame Youtube / Ross C. Rogers

King George VI (father of Elizabeth II. - Approx. Ed.), Then Prince Albert, was twice refused by her beloved Elizabeth. She was afraid to spend her whole life under constant control, which is inevitable for those who are too close to the throne. But the third attempt was successful, the prince got Elizabeth's hand, wearing a ring with a gorgeous sapphire on her finger.

After 13 years, in the middle of 30's, the sapphire jewelry disappeared from the finger of the king's wife. It was not presented to the next generations of royal brides and never appeared anywhere else. Either the queen lost him, or some ugly personal story is connected with him. If you recall the other owners of royal sapphires, then in the second version you can easily believe it.

Anna - all life with horses

The only daughter of the reigning Queen Elizabeth II, Anna, was jealous since childhood. She thought that her brother, Charles, was paid more attention than she. Maybe that's why she always tried to prove that she is no worse than boys. Anna chose equestrian sport as her hobby. It was at the competition, where she took only fifth place, got her further fate.

She met with Mark Phillips, a lieutenant of the Royal Dragoons Regiment. A common hobby brought together young people, and 30 May 1973, the couple became engaged. The queen mother did not approve of the marriage, but she saw that her daughter was happy, and resigned to the misalliance.

Prince Charles, the elder brother, was more categorical. He owns the phrase that Anna chose a stable as husband, because she could not marry a horse. The ring was modest - a small sapphire from the same Garrard and two small diamonds on the sides.

This marriage lasted 18 years. But it did not work out here either: almost immediately after the divorce, the princess married the former stable-horse Timothy Lawrence. Their relationship lasted from the 1989 year - Anna was then still officially married.

The princess’s further private life was not put up in public, but in 2001, there were persistent rumors about the separation of the princess with her husband. However, they were never confirmed, and Anna herself periodically appears at events with Timothy.

Diana is the most famous princess of the House of Windsor.

The most famous engagement ring of the world is the so-called large sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds, which adorned Lady Dee's finger. Is it worth telling this well-known story of love, infidelity and hatred? The result is known: the tragedy in the tunnel of Paris.

Owners of engagement rings with sapphires cheated husbands. You can write books about having a good time with your wife alive, Prince Charles, everyone knew about his double life and love for Camille. Maybe that's why Diana was so pitiful and loved.

Kate - she has her own "Camilla"

Kate Middleton did not become stubborn and accepted from Prince William the very ring that became for her mother-in-law a symbol of broken hopes. In public, Kate and William support the image of an exemplary couple, but it is known that the prince, like his father, has his own “Camilla”.

Her name is Jackie Craig, and she lives on the other side of the world, in South Africa. But what do distances mean when you're a prince of Great Britain? William allows himself to spend time in common company with Jackie without the presence of Kate. One day, he left with her and his friends on a safari, leaving his wife at home.

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When Jacka got married, William flew to her wedding, and Kate was left to celebrate Easter alone. Then the media talked about the presence at the wedding of a child from Jackie and William. Of course, Kate was nervous, especially after having become the common property of a photograph of her royal husband dancing in a nightclub. Of course, the ring has nothing to do with it. But maybe it is worth to insure and change it to another?

Prince Philip, making a proposal to his beloved, presented her with a ring in which a stone was inserted from the tiara of his mother, Alice. Already 72 of the year, as a ring on the finger of Elizabeth II.

"The very same" Camilla, "the very same" ring

This wedding had to be played many years ago. Maybe then Diana would have built her career as a teacher and survived. But it happened as it happened, and in 2005, the prince did an offer to Camille. All the same, the royal family has already come to terms with her presence in the life of Charles. For an engagement gift, the prince launched his hand into family heirlooms, fusing a ring from the treasury, which was presented to him by his grandmother Elizabeth. She received it as a gift from the mother-in-law, mother of King George VI in honor of the birth of Elizabeth II, the mother of Charles himself. These are the vicissitudes ...

35 years Camilla went to the title of princess and now 14 years with honor bears the title. Judging by what her husband looks like next to her, the couple are completely happy.

Emerald for divorcing and abdication

In 2016, there were persistent rumors that Prince Harry would give his beloved Megan Markle a ring with emerald, as was the case with the failed King Edward VIII and a woman for whom he had abandoned the throne: a divorced actress from America. Then the monarch in love jeopardized the entire British monarchy, abandoning the debt to the state, and then also ruined his own reputation by contacting the Nazis with the filing of the same wife.

But Harry turned out to be more romantic and far-sighted. Two stones, located on the sides of the central diamond, once belonged to the prince’s mother, Princess Diana. And the largest diamond was purchased in Botswana, where the couple spent a lot of time since they met.

So diamonds still remain the best friends of girls, be they commoners or crowned heads.

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