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The girl demands to punish the parents who treated her with prayers.


Source: The Guardian

Mariah Walton from Oydaho grew up in a Mormon family. The fact that she has a congenital heart disease, 21-year-old Mariah learned 3 a year ago, writes The Guardian.
The girl was born with congenital heart disease, and this could be corrected if Mariah's parents agreed to the operation. But the parents decided that they could cure the child with the help of herbs and prayers for the healing of their daughter. With age, Mariah’s health deteriorated, but her parents still told her to pray and she would be healed.
Now it is too late to perform the operation, the girl is chained to a hospital bed. Her lungs and heart are unable to provide the body with oxygen. The girl is forced to move around with a balloon that allows her to breathe. And all that doctors can do for her is to slightly alleviate the condition.

"They prayed for me and said:" God will heal you, you just need to believe. " I think it's time to punish them, ”says Mariah.

Under Idaho state law, parents cannot be held accountable, but Mariah, along with her brothers, is ready to try all the ways and get punishment for their parents. Unfortunately, religious freedom allows believers to refuse medical care for all family members, including children. In the neighboring state, Oregon, Mariah Walton's parents could be sued for failing to provide timely medical care to their daughter.

In 2010, Jeffrey and Marcy Bigley from Oregon were convicted of child neglect that led to the death of the toddler. Jeffrey and Marcy's son, Neil, had a congenital bladder blockage. They refused to have the operation - and Neil died. In 2011, Timothy and Rebecca Wyland were convicted of mistreating their daughter Ailana, which caused the girl to lose her eyesight. In the same year, Dale and Shannon Hickman were convicted of second-degree murder. Their newborn son died from a simple infection, and if the parents turned to doctors for help in a timely manner, the child could have been saved.
The organization “Children's right to life” is fighting for the right of children to receive timely medical assistance, and for this they are working hard to make changes in legislation.

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