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A girl and two dogs: how an American woman lives and travels in a campervan


Source: theLime

A mobile home is a beautiful dream of any traveler, because you can take a carefree ride around the world, stopping wherever your heart desires. However, life in a van also has negative sides that are hidden behind beautiful pictures from social networks, says theLime.


A resident of the United States Sidney decided to abandon her usual life in order to follow her dream. The girl bought movable property and went to explore the world. True, the American woman does not travel alone - she travels in the company of her two dogs. Syd has a blog on Instagram, where she talks about all the nuances of life in a minivan.

The girl admits that life in a mobile home is like a fairy tale. When she stops in the mountains, and all the beauty of nature opens up before her, an incredible feeling of freedom embraces the girl. But this life has another side.


Often, making a beautiful photo, Sydney simply covers the mountains of garbage and dirty dishes. The space in the van is very small, so the clutter appears here almost at lightning speed. Especially if you have two dogs.

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The sink often breaks and you have to wash the dishes in a bucket. The beautiful stove also turned out to be short-lived, so the girl found a less stylish, but practical replacement for it.


The transforming bed, which also serves as a place for eating, almost never folds. Turning it into a table takes time, and besides, you need to find a place for bedding - and this is not so easy in cramped conditions.

But despite all the everyday difficulties, Sydney is happy with life on wheels.

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