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The girl tried to walk immediately after birth.



The mega-viral video captured the attention of Facebook users shows how the baby is walking right after birth.

25 in May, Facebook user Arte Arantes has posted a video about a newborn girl from Brazil who moves her legs forward, as if taking steps while the nurse in the hospital holds her.

In the video, you can hear the exclamations "Oh, damn it, the girl is coming!", "Merciful father, I tried to wash her here, but she continues to rise to go."

The video has been viewed over 90 a million times.


Although most viewers have already christened the “walking” child as a “miracle,” scientists quickly objected that this behavior was in fact quite normal. This is part of the many involuntary movements known as the reflexes of the newborn. "

According to research Stanford Children's Health, “Some movements are spontaneous, occurring as part of the child’s normal activities,” while others come in response to concrete actions. The health network website explains: “Reflexes help identify normal brain and nerve activity. Some reflexes occur only in certain periods of development. "

The "step reflex" is one of the types of reflexes of the newborn. As the website notes Stanford Children's HealthThis reflex is also called the walking or dance reflex, because it seems that the child is trying to walk or dance when he is standing upright when his feet touch a solid surface.

The most common reflexes of the newborn include the sucking reflex, the grasp reflex and the neck-tonic reflex.

A reflex is an automatic response of the nervous system of a living organism to external and internal factors. There are two types of reflexes in nature: unconditioned and conditioned. It is the presence of congenital unconditioned reflexes that indicates the normal development of the newborn. Most disappear with the age of the infant. Such reflexes of the child are manifested in the ability to turn the head. This ability at birth helps the baby find the nipple while breastfeeding.


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