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Children's perfectionism is dangerous


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In pursuit of the best result, parents often go too far. Demanding high scores, grades or points from your child, it is important to stop in time. Perfectionism can turn into a dangerous habit of focusing on negative trifles, mistakes and thoughts about one's own imperfection. An adult will cope with such an attitude to himself. But the children's psyche may not cope with such loads. Blaming yourself for all mortal sins, negative thinking and perpetual discontent can grow into a bad habit.

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Studies have shown that children striving for perfect results from an early age achieved less success than others. Therefore, it is important for parents to make it clear to the kid that in the first place are not high marks and primacy among peers. And the health of the child, his good mood, friends and hobbies pleases mom and dad as well as the high score at school.

If you observe a child's excessive demands on himself, constant dissatisfaction with the result or a bad mood, try to shift his reference points. Show that you love a child regardless of his or her school results. Tell us about examples of imperfections in nature, in art or technology. After all, the incompatibility with the ideal makes each of us unique and special.

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