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Children's shoes and dried flowers: sister showed Jeanne Friske's apartment 4 years after her death


Source: StarHit

Close Jeanne Friske still keep a memory of her. In the singer’s apartment all things, photographs and even long-dried lavender in vases remained untouched. Now no one lives in the apartment, says "StarHit".


Jeanne Friske died on June 15, 2015, but fans and close artists still remember her. Relatives of the star, who for a long time could not reconcile with her death, were especially hard. Today, the artist’s sister Natalia decided to give the fans a gift: she showed the interior in Jeanne’s apartment.

“We came to visit Jeanne’s apartment to tidy up a bit. We didn’t touch anything, everything remained as it was. Only sometimes do we wipe the dust and turn on the humidifiers. Zhanna’s awards, photos of her friends and her first beloved dog remained on the shelves, ”said Natalya.

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Jeanne's apartment is decorated in bright colors. On the wall in the bedroom there is a large panel with a forest landscape. In this room there is a dressing table on which the singer’s favorite perfumes are preserved. Nearby is a wardrobe with Friske clothes.

According to relatives, they deliberately did not touch things in order to preserve the memory of Jeanne. On the dressing table is still the singer’s favorite comb and foot remedy, which she used before going on stage.


Friske had a particular weakness for bags. The singer has accumulated a huge collection of accessories of various shapes and sizes. Near the front door there are shelves with shoes. Jeanne was a fan of high-heeled shoes, so she often bought new models.

Fans were touched that the things of the son of the singer Plato were preserved in the apartment. So, on the table in the kitchen is the boy's nipple, and in the dressing room there was a place for children's shoes.


During her life, Jeanne said that she had long dreamed of an apartment in the capital, but could not afford it. Only after several years of solo performances, the singer acquired a property of 90 square meters in Krasnaya Presnya. The star herself developed the design together with experts, dreaming that the rooms would be cozy.

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After the death of Friske, a scandal erupted over the debt to Rusfond. Relatives of the singer could not find a multi-million dollar sum, so Jeanne’s apartment was put up for sale. As a result, the dispute with the charitable organization was resolved, and Jeanne's parents retained her property.

Now the close singers are not able to communicate with little Plato. However, fans are sure that in the future, the heir to the star will be interested to inspect Mom’s apartments and understand how she lived.

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