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Children of the stars of Soviet cinema: how did their fate


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Watching the famous Soviet films for the millionth time, we see our favorite actors and do not think that today many of them are no longer alive. For the mass audience, the stars of Soviet cinema will forever remain young and cheerful, as they appeared on the screen.

Leo and Ekaterina Durovs. Collage photo: frame video Youtube / Culture Channelvideo frame Youtube / TV Center

However, the famous artists still have children. Some of them followed in the footsteps of their parents and also conquered the screen, while someone decided to devote their lives to something else, writes boom.

Lev Durov and his daughter Ekaterina Durova

The death of 60-year-old Ekaterina Durova became known the other day, on December 13. The daughter of Lev Konstantinovich was known primarily as a theater actress. Ekaterina Durova studied at GITIS, after which she played on the stages of the Taganka Theater and the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. For her work she received the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. She starred in films a little, played in the tapes Green Van, Faryatyev’s Fantasies, and School Waltz.

Oleg Tabakov and his daughter Alexandra Tabakova

Collage photo: frame video Youtube / Russia 1, Master Shish

Many saw Alexandra in the film Little Faith, where the young daughter of Oleg Tabakov played the girlfriend of the main character. The girl graduated from the Moscow Art Theater and was going to continue the acting dynasty. But when the father left the family, Alexandra quit the profession so as not to see her parent.

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The girl married the German actor Jan Joseph Lifers, gave birth to a daughter, and later returned to her homeland and began working on the radio.

Olga Ostroumova and her daughter Olga Levitina

Collage photo: frame video Youtube / TV Center, TV channel "Doctor"

As a child, Olga Levitina wanted to become a ballerina, so her parents sent the girl to a ballet studio at the Bolshoi Theater. But soon the teachers issued a disappointing verdict - Olya has inappropriate physical data. Therefore, after school, the daughter of Ostroumova entered GITIS.

Now Olga Levitina is an actress of the Moscow Hermitage Theater. Many know her first of all by the role of the waitress Vasilisa in the series “Do not Be Born Beautiful”. In this series, not only Olga appeared, but also her mother. It is interesting that specifically in this project, relatives did not appear in the frame together.

Yuri Nikulin and his son Maxim Nikulin

Collage photo: frame video GOSTELERADIOFOND Russia, The first channel

The debut of Maxim Nikulin in the movie took place in childhood. In the movie "Diamond Arm" he played a boy walking on water. But, having matured, the son of Yuri Nikulin learned to become a journalist, after which he worked for a long time in his specialty.

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At some point, Maxim Nikulin began to help his father manage the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Over time, the man left journalism and became the director of the circus. Today, Maxim retains this position, and also produces projects on television.

Raisa Ryazanova and her son Danila Perov

Collage photo: frame video Россия 1, 118Kort

The son of a famous actress continued parenting and became an actor. Perov made his screen debut in early childhood, studied at the Moscow Art Theater in his youth, and today he is an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation and has in his portfolio of 60 films.

Innokenty Smoktunovsky and his daughter Maria Smoktunovskaya

Collage photo: frame video larasdvatri123, NTV

Smoktunovsky’s son, Philip, tried to become an actor following the example of his father, but because of harmful addictions, he did not succeed. But daughter Maria was building a career as a ballerina at the Bolshoi Theater. As a result, Maria could not stand the inhuman loads and left her childhood dream, and her father helped her become an actress.

Now Maria Smoktunovskaya is not acting. A woman works in the museum of the Moscow Art Theater School.

Tatyana Dogileva and her daughter Ekaterina Dogileva

Collage photo: frame video Russian Public Television, AKTERAM COM

After school, Catherine took acting classes in Cambridge, after which she studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Art in New York. Unsuccessfully trying their luck in Hollywood, the girl returned to Russia. Today, the younger Dogileva continues to act in various domestic series.

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