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Ten reasons to move to America



Every year about a million new immigrants cross the American border. People who leave behind their native country want to improve their lives: get new career opportunities, improve their well-being or find a comfortable place for old age.

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America is not an easy country with many problems: from economic inequality to a high number of violent deaths. Material based on subjective assessments and may not coincide with the harsh reality that will meet you after the move.

1. Realization of potential

The USA is an ideal place for young and ambitious people who are ready to build a career and make progress in business. This is a country of private initiative, where everyone has the right to integration into society. People with disabilities find work and perform important functions, people change their profession two or three times in their lives, and at the wheel of a truck you can meet a ninety-year-old grandmother who makes money even when she is old.

If someone tells you that after forty years of life and career come to an end - do not listen to the madman. Look at Americans who receive new education in adulthood and start from scratch where many would put an end.

2. Standard of living

Everyone knows that in America expensive real estate, medicine and life in general. One can count other people's dollars, draw summary tables and take insurance and tax deductions into account, but this does not change the main thing - there is a lot of money in the US and you can earn it. A comparable position in America will provide a higher standard of living compared to the CIS countries.

What is a comparable position? The handyman from the CIS, who moved to America and got back to the construction site, will start earning more in real terms. This is also true for other professions: a programmer, a fireman, a taxi driver, an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer and an instructor in tantric sex will become richer - anyone who can learn English and return to the previous level in the profession.

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The USA is a rich country with high incomes and affordable credit (low-interest mortgages do not directly generate profits, but make them richer in the long run), but this does not prevent forty million Americans from living below the poverty line.

To succeed, you have a lot of hard work. If you are hardworking, this country is ready to give you everything: six zeros in a bank account, a comfortable old age and a future for children.

3. Doing Business

One of the main advantages of the United States is that you can do business here without constant fear that it will be taken away: no cops, roofs, and mandatory deductions to doubtful accounts of Cypriot companies. Ownership is guaranteed by an independent judiciary and the rule of law.

America did not defeat the bureaucracy: the strong love of Americans for licenses, certificates and permits will surprise even a Soviet person. But the bureaucratic process itself is transparent, and the receipt of the document does not depend on the bribe of the official.

Starting a business in the USA is easy. Here, a large market and a rich population, cheap business loans and moderate taxes, and the registration of a new company will take no more than twenty minutes (on this subject I wrote detailed instructions on opening a legal entity in the United States).

4. Political climate

America is a democratic country with government turnover, transparent elections and an institution of public control. A favorable political climate will not allow you to become an American president (for that you would have to be born here), but creates conditions for a quality life.

Politically, the United States today is going through hard times: disputes in the administration, social division, radicalization of the agenda and the rise of populist ideas.

But democratic processes will sooner or later ensure a change of power, and independent courts and a system of restraints and balances will not allow even the most odious president to destroy what was created before him for decades in one term.

5. Social climate

Nothing makes a person friendlier than good health, a high salary, and a packed refrigerator. The richer the country, the more reliable social contracts concluded within its population. The smiles of Americans are usually blamed on insincerity, but I prefer to face a kindly benevolence instead of sincere rudeness.

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Communication in America is based on respect for the identity of the interlocutor. This does not mean that you will never encounter rudeness. But this means that the episodes of rudeness and aggression will become a statistical error in your life that can be neglected.

Not everyone is able to quickly integrate into a new social and cultural environment: it is difficult for Russian immigrants to keep a smile and maintain a distance in communication. But who said it would be easy?

6. Inclusiveness and Integration

America is one of the few countries where an immigrant can become truly his own in a few years. You can move to France or Germany, but you will never become French or German. You can immigrate to the USA — and even with a poor knowledge of the language, become an American.

An American is a person of any nationality and religion, who speaks any language that has received a blue passport, shares the values ​​and ideals of this country and lives by its rules. This feature makes the United States one of the most attractive countries for emigration at any age and at any social level.

7. Future for children

Late immigrants — people who move to the US after 40-50 years — do not always have time to re-realize themselves in a new country: the educational, cultural, and language gaps between man and the environment are sometimes too big.

Moving to the United States is not only an act of selfishness, but also an investment in the future of your children. People born in America automatically become its citizens, grow up in a natural language environment and can get access to the best schools, colleges and universities in the world.

8. Travel and leisure

America has an impressive tourist infrastructure. Here there are megacities and provinces, mountains and plains, rivers, lakes and oceans, reserves, national parks and geysers, several climatic zones and even desert. The country is permeated by a network of highways, and an internal flight can get anywhere in a few hours and a couple of hundred bucks.

America offers so much tourist and recreational value that many of its residents in their entire life have not decided to obtain a visa and make an intercontinental flight to a strange and incomprehensible outside world. To some extent, this speaks of their tourist limitations. But this also indicates excellent opportunities for recreation in his native country.

9. Medicine and health

In the US, expensive medicine - a serious operation can cost you an annual income. But when life is at stake, qualified personnel, medical technology and modern equipment come to the fore. With this, everything is fine in America.

Most medical needs are covered by standard insurance, which will cost several hundred dollars a month (although the cost for wealthy people may be much higher). People with incomes below a certain level receive financial assistance from the state in the form of cheap or even free insurance.

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Life expectancy in America is 80 years. This is not a fantastic indicator (the average Japanese grandmother will live six years longer), but it is almost ten years longer than the allotted Russian term. The gain in ten years is achieved largely due to modern medicine - if people are treated, they die less.

10. Old age

USA is a great country to meet old age. For pensioners, comfortable conditions have been created here: a mild climate in many states, a barrier-free environment for people with limited mobility, government programs for the elderly, people with disabilities and the poor, comfortable nursing homes and boarding houses. There are even unique federal programs in which the families of retirees are paid for self-care.

America cannot boast of high pensions, but here anyone for working life can accumulate enough assets for a comfortable old age - with a spacious house, a good car, high-quality medicine and regular trips inside and outside the country.

I love America endlessly and consider it to be the best place on the planet, but do not forget that it is not the place that paints a person. If you are happy in your native country, stay. If you feel that your homeland restricts development and pulls you down, come. America gives everyone a chance and is always glad to new immigrants.

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